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To eliminate inefficiency and resulting costs from the merchandise management system a breakthrough technology for the future, was one of the most important efforts in the industrialized world in the last 50 years. Even if the goods management thanks to increasingly powerful software always has been improved, it still pushed to limits. The bar code dominant even today in the commercial makes it possible to link articles about the EAN-Code information in a database, this code, the possibilities are limited, however. For this reason, the bar code for a product on all individual articles is always the same. The dream of every dealer is however, to be able to track each individual, individual articles in the merchandise management system from production to disposal. The RFID technology makes this possible. The abbreviation RFID stands for radio frequency identification.

The base of this technology is a tiny chip, on which not only the EAN-Code of an article, can be particularly in addition to save a serial number. By in principle infinite number possible are the extension, enabling an individual number assign each individual article. The chip is embedded with a spiral antenna in a label or integrated directly into the product packaging. RFID be read chips without contact via radio. Different wholesalers and retailers such as, for example, the Metro Group or Wal-Mart began over 10 years ago to experiment with this new technology. Today used RFID tags to optimize inventory management in the logistics pallet and carton level.

If the RFID tag however will replace the bar code in the future also at article level, remains open. So far this was realized only at certain articles for testing purposes in some companies for cost reasons. The problems which occurred during the test phases were mined continuously in the last stages of development. Just another cost factor prevents use even on very cheap goods. On all regular goods is however suitable insert and each case and is within the next few years this technology belong to the standard in the merchandise management.

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