Medieval Architecture

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Many architecturally important buildings in Barcelona date from the middle ages and mark the urban landscape of Barcelona’s enormously. If you are on holiday in Barcelona and in a comfortable Barcelona apartment or live in a hotel in Barcelona in the Gothic district, equal will meet you at the most and most impressive examples of medieval buildings. Some of the best examples example, Nos. are the Cathedral, the churches of Santa Maria del Mar and Santa Maria del Pi. The Cathedral of Barcelona, the Gothic Cathedral, which is also known under the name of La Seu, has all the typical features of Gothic, like for example a Gothic Gargoyle, schnorkelhafte sculptures, pointed arches, as well as a monastery.

The Cathedral is located in the heart of the Gothic quarter and the official name is the Cathedrale de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia, Eulalia is the patron saint of Barcelona. Since the year 343 A.d., the place has a religious Beudeutsamkeit. The construction work of the gegengwartigen building has started in 1298 and the main building was only in the year 1460 finished. The Gothic facade was finished until 1889 created and the church tower adjacent is located in the years 1913. to the Cathedral a monastery from the 14th century, a lush garden where you will find always 13 geese representing each goose a year of the life of Saint Eulalia. Saint Eulalia was only 13 years old, and at this age, she was tortured by the Romans to death on the basis of their religion. Their remains are buried in the crypt of the Cathedral. From the roof of the Cathedral, you can win a spectacular views over Barcelona.

Apartment Barcelona Sant Domenech del call”is located in close proximity to the Cathedral and perfectly invites that Gothic area to explore. The Church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona known is considered as the Church of for sailors and fishermen, the Santa Maria del Mar as one of the most popular churches for weddings in the city. Located in the District of El borne La Ribera, dominated by the imposing church of the whole district. King Alfons the kind”had laid the first stone in the year 1329 and it was done created in 1383. In 1936, during the Spanish civil war, the Interior of the Church was burned, causing that the Church less artfully Barcelona’s other churches look like. At the same time, it highlights the beauties of the building. The Church has a large rose window in the 15th century, the original was unfortunately destroyed during an earthquake in the year 1428. The Church has a wonderful acoustic concerts here many times. A cozy Barcelona accommodation in the District of El borne-La Ribera, you can visit the charming church or even a wonderful concert. The Church of Santa Maria del Pi is located in a pretty square in the District of Ciutat Vella in Barcelona the Church and was for a pine forest located once also was named. The exterior of the Church is particularly striking especially through the decorated entrance and the enormous rose Windows. This can be seen best from the Interior to the wonderful colors and their Beauty to admire. The Church houses the tomb of Antoni Viladomat an artist and St. Josep Oriol. These churches are just a few examples of fascinating Gothic architecture that never miss out on a trip to Barcelona and should be tested. There are still many more Gothic sights in Barcelona which should be visited by a comfortable accommodation in Barcelona.

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