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These Medical Insurances that we talked about, the calls HMO, PPO, and other types of Plans of Health, own within their Network or Network of Suppliers of Health, the Medical Emergency rooms (Urgent Care). It stops situations which cannot hope, are designed these centers. They are not hospitals, nor rooms of emergencias or guardroom, guardhouses (as it is called to him) of hospitals, are clinical or prepared private consultations and certified by the state to act like Medical Emergency room. WHAT IS the IMPORTANCE OF VISITING a URGENT EMERGENCY CARE OR CENTER AND OF NOT VISITING a HOSPITAL, if the less serious symptoms are of character? The reason is clear: That You with a pain throat do, of stomach or influenza for example, in the room of Emergencias of a Hospital? Simple. To spend money and to increase to the costs of the hospitals . When You visit with a situation of less serious health a hospital the cost for You and its Medical Insurance is 10 times more that if it visited a Center emergency Doctor.

But in addition You will think that the hospital leaves beneficiary. Not always. Tmese like example the Jackson Hospital in Miami and the deplorable situation of its budget; indeed by the amount of people whom they do not have Surely Medical and the Hospital the blanket and the amount of people that does not have a true Medical Emergencia but a Medical Urgency and fill the rooms of Emergencias, without extreme apparent necessity. This does not mean under any circumstance, that if You have a true surprise situation where its life is in danger, because the serious symptoms are fence to an emergency Center.! NO! In that case IF it must as soon as possible go to a Hospital and its room of Medical Emergencia; that it is the unique place preparation for this type of symptoms of eminent character and burdens. If for example a Faint appeared to him, I vomit severe, a continuous hemorrhage, That tosa or vomits blood, that has difficulty to breathe or a pain in the chest or another place of strong way; it must go immediately to a Room of Emergencia of a hospital without expanding it, because its life can be in danger. The essence of all this one talks about to that it thinks a little more to it at the time of appearing in a room of medical emergencia of a hospital and being possible and if its S-state less serious it visits an emergency center or Urgent Care.

I repeat the monetary difference is abysmal. Adalberto The following article it does not try to determine, nor to decide what You must do when an unexpected situation of health appears to him. Only You and a professional of the health: A doctor he can determine his state and decide more correct if so. Not even we suggested what must do. Thus it does not take this one writing like an extremely right advice. If we narrated to him what directly we generally know by the experience in this industry and from the approach the sales medical insurances and the costs. Original author and source of the article.

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