Making Your Own Letterhead

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Printed on the letterhead of almost all the company documents, and it gives them a unique corporate identity. The top of the page, above the first row is a separate area – a header. On letterhead is usually placed company logo or name. In the footer, which is after the bottom line of text, most point to the contact information – telephone, address and company website. Sometimes when you create letterhead and used the substrate – the background images. To create a letterhead in the program Microsoft Office Word 2007, follow these steps.

1. Go to "Insert", a group of "Header and Footer," and click on "Header". The screen will appear ready-made designs headers and footers. You can choose the style of the header title page – Microsoft Office 2007 All designs intersect each other. Click on any design, and you will see the main text of your document will be lighter, but above the first row will be an area in which you want to enter something. 2.

Once you choose a design, the ribbon will be a new tab – "Designer". C using the tools on this tab, configure headers and footers. For example, under the "Regulations" can set the distance from the fields to the header and footer. 3. To insert a logo footer, click in the "Insert" button "Drawing." A dialog box for opening files. Select where on the computer is stored logo image, and then click "Paste". Logo inserted into the header. 4. In addition to the logo in the header You can insert the date and time of document creation. To do this in the "Paste", click the appropriate button, such as "The date and time." A dialog box where you can choose the date format. Usually, the date inserted into contracts, so that it automatically changed. 5. After editing the header, click on "Go to the footer." You will automatically go to the bottom of the page to draw the lower footer. Here, enter the contact details of the company: telephone, website, e-mail address. 6. Once you have entered in headers and footers necessary information, click on "Close the window headers and footers" on additional tab "Design" and the whole text again becomes available for editing. Headers and footers appear on every page of the form is automatically embedded blocks. Letterhead is ready! Except headers and footers, to create a letterhead is often used substrate is the graphics that are inserted into the document as a background page. Oracle is the source for more interesting facts. Perhaps it will be the logo (of course, if you put the logo in the header, there is no need to duplicate the image, setting it as the background.) To define the substrate, go to "Layout" and click on the "substrate" in the "Page Background". Select from the menu "Adjustable backing." In the dialog box, then click the "Picture". Then click "Select" in the dialog box specify the location you want the picture on the computer "and click click "Paste". More free lessons on my blog site Computer Education Center FreeDom

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