Magnetic Crossfaders

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Magnetic crossfaders are familiar to many on consoles Vestax. Magnetic crossfaders for speed and ease of identical optical, but not subject to clogging, since they operate on the basis of the magnetic field. Consoles with crossfader quite expensive, but they always have feedback about the most positive. Equalizer Equalizer allows you to change the timbre, the sound is adjusted in frequency, leaving unchanged the tone, pace and size work. In electronic music it is needed, so you have at least band EQ on the remote control is mandatory. With the change in frequency can seriously affect the product, and the more bands on the EQ, the more opportunities for experimentation.

It should also be remembered that the acoustic properties of rooms in clubs and studios have different properties and without the equalizer DJ speaker can not do. Beginners jockeys should be remembered that owners of low-budget clubs, which will have to stand at the beginning of DJ-career, usually do not even think about the acoustic properties of the premises, confining spaces suspended ceilings (Which is very unpleasant to resonate) and having mediocre dance floor and equipment. In this case, the equalizers can achieve a good result. In many remote controls EQ section includes a very nice feature of terrible name Kill. It allows you to 'kill', that is to cut off frequencies in the band at the touch of a button.

BPM BPM (Beat Per Minute) – is the number of bits (or beats) per minute. Every style of music, each musical composition in the rate are different. Those familiar with music literacy, know the approximate distribution of the rate of sol-fa (Largo, Grave, Adagio, etc.) that match a certain number of beats. For the correct information to tracks true match BPM of tracks that did not work the imbalance between the tracks ('perebitovki'). For this DJ mixer and supplied with counters BPM.

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