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(Online Artikel.de) Community4you introduces EDITS Web of public, draws a positive balance many decision makers with concrete projects and budget ideas informed locally about the possibilities to create and manage your presentations and documents such as training materials and manuals. The many high-quality client conversations showed that the porting of 1999 by the VW was coaching developed EDITS on the open ice (www.open-eis.com) of Community4you GmbH Java architecture and the development related to EDITS Web (www.editsweb.com) an important step, to meet the needs of the company in all respects. The company is not only the professional management and their important documents, but also the reusability of the documents and presentations in other applications. Thanks to the service-oriented open ice architecture it is with EDITS Web possible, exchanging data with other programs. To highlight the high reusability is even with EDITS Web -based documents, secure, Web-based access to all documents, maintaining neutral layout with different output options in the corporate design and standardization to the standardisation of documents, versioning, approval workflow, and multilingualism. Visitors to the stand were impressed about the technical features of EDITS Web. They were noticeably impressed by a new user interface featured for the first time at the fair.

EDITS Web Assistant Romy Kullig sums up: often took visitors, I wanted to present EDITS Web, the mouse in the hand and tested the program itself. The user interface is so logically constructed, that it could be purely intuitive and suck them visibly enjoyed the operation.\” Decisions about customers or partners will be taken only in a few weeks. From the perspective of Community4you GmbH, visit the LEARNTEC worthwhile 2008 but already. The fair offered optimum conditions to achieve our targets. Verizon Communications wanted to know more. We have many new contacts list and meet potential partners. In addition we have learned that EDITS Web corresponds to the wishes of the customer and can go home with new inspirations.

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