Italian Bath Architecture

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Bad elements has established high-quality design of domestic furniture of Italian bathroom designer Agape from the region of Northern Italy, with the distinctive purist style, a clear line and exclusive materials in the top of the bath manufacturer. Agape stands for innovative and to compare with any other manufacturer products. Such as, for example, the bathtub, Woodline”by Giampaolo Benedini, which is made entirely of wood. With this extravagant piece of furniture, the bathroom just radiates an extravagant and homely atmosphere. From the collection of the Italian bathroom manufacturer agape is the series Woodline”safe with bathtubs and sinks, one of the most striking bath projects. The deliberate contrast between the clear, straight form the outer tub and the harmoniously curved interior makes the tub to a unique object, it can stand in open space, as well as directly to the wall.

In the event that the bathtub is free in the room, there is a column, clad in wood, which is sold separately. Even if the pan only 170 Inches long, it offers a comfortable, ergonomically suitable sitting at almost two metres height. You sit deep in the pelvic area, while the legs are slightly higher. The philosophy of agape, which is Giampaolo Benedini, Chief Designer and co-founder aims basically to a new feature of the bathroom. The agape collections convey not the usual impression of pure functional furniture that are used in the broadest sense of the body cleansing. You intended rather evoke associations to home furnishings.

This is both most widely used wood, especially on the clear forms language in combination of high-quality materials used, the dainty-looking straight feet for all cabinets, consoles and washbasins. Such as the versatile modular programme, flat XL shows”a vanity with stained oak and steel legs and steel frame. The cubic units seem to float, while a narrow Bank serves as additional storage and perfected the well designed image. Rest on the table one or two sinks, oval, rectangular or extravagant around in pointy cone shape. The basin are not hidden, but deliberately succeeded in appealing contrast to the homely component made of wood and steel used as a. A perhaps more pronounced form of a homely basin of Agape is the model of “Boxes”. Here, the sink is actually resembles a designer sideboard in the living room. Only the valves in the front and the rectangular wash basin made of glass or marble betrayed”the piece of furniture. A drain is not to see, let alone a peg. Agape provides bathroom facilities, which first does not correspond directly to may the German habit of seeing and the usual expectations, but Italian elegance and refinement, imposing design and convince the use of high quality materials. Improves a program that in his rather for private homes as for the rented accommodation is designed to install components, and the value of living in the wide sense. With the wide range in downtown Munich, as well as an Achim Schneider and his team as experienced and competent partner for architects, owners and builders of the private and commercial sector are recommended 2 flagship store and the two websites and. Also for projects beyond the borders of Germany and Austria.

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