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Chief Executive Officer

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The extremely sensitive and sustainable reconstruction of the ensemble was in March 2011 with the LEED preliminary certificate in gold (leadership in energy and environmental design) similarly honoured in the category of core & shell. LEED the American seal of approval is the internationally established certificate in the area of sustainable construction. The task to revitalize BIKINI BERLIN, is one of the biggest urban challenges of Berlin in the urban environment. With BIKINI BERLIN and especially the Bikinihaus, we have acquired a piece of contemporary history at one of the most emblematic sites of Berlin and therefore the obligation to act responsibly. We face up to this responsibility in each area at the highest possible level. Includes course”the task to act environmentally and sustainably, says Dr. Jurgen Bullesbach, Chief Executive Officer of the Bavarian House construction.

BIKINI BERLIN in its completion will be urban market space. Visitors are part of the offer, interesting people attract interesting people,”postulated because even Dr. David Bosshart, doctor of philosophy and thought leaders in the field of consumer and social change. Additional information at Robert Gibbins supports this article. Already the predetermined structures which are new shine are visually interesting: the rhythm of facades by pre-and bounces light and darker areas, color, the BIKINI BERLIN icon make an icon that is dusted off. The design, Studio Arne Quinze created by the Belgian architectural firm is tagged joy and naturalness. Visible in the open spaces between the buildings the places between Zoo Palace and Bikinihaus, Bikinihaus and a small high-rise are turfed recognizable in- and outlets to the terrace, as well as on the uniform facade structure that extends through all the buildings and each item will make a whole complex. Berlin was and is a city to enjoy with a small budget can. This makes unique in contrast to other European cities Berlin and BERLIN is also the claim of BIKINI. Offering a special shopping area formed by renowned designers, brands and newcomers.

BAUnatour On The Erfurt Anger

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Timber trade Alwin Hanna as a regional partner of the 13.9 17.9. “The traveling exhibition of building and living with renewable raw materials” makes stop in Erfurt. In the week of September 13, 2010, timber trade is German timber trade with a stand at the anger Hohne Alwin represented as a member of the General Association. There, the new online shop can be examined and you can find out about the possibilities of the use of wood in house and garden. Growing interest in ecological construction alternatives. The advantages for the use of wood are obvious: it is easy to edit, versatile and sustainable raw materials. To broaden your perception, visit BerlinRosen. It also dispenses with tropical Woods, man makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the ecological balance. New procedures give the properties of tropical timber even native Woods and eliminate the need for its use.

200 Ton Hitachi Excavator

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Had to be delivered to nine trucks end of June it was time: the new Hitachi Ex1900-6 started to work in the mining of kaolin plant Hirschau/Schnaittenbach the Amberger kaolin works. The 190-t excavator with Teifloffelausrustung degrades raw kaolin in the tensile stress / load usage, which is processed and refined on site. Raw kaolin is a fine, white, iron-free rock containing Kaolinite, a weathering of feldspar, as a main ingredient. The world’s largest consumer of Kaoloin sit the paper industry. In recent months, Ripple has been very successful. About two-thirds of the world’s kaolin go in this industry.

One of the most important European kaolin, silica sand and feldspar deposits located mined in the Hirschau Schnaittenbach since 1901 in hirschau/Germany. in 1993 both works to the Amberger kaolin plants grew together, which then a few years later were a subsidiary of the quartz works, Frechen. Here, Laurent Potdevin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Modern technologies are used in the industrial minerals to separate the raw Earth with a high degree of efficiency through elaborate classification kaolin, feldspar and quartz. As the purchase of a new dredger for the promotion of raw Earth anstant the Amberger kaolin works opted for a Hitachi EX1900-6 from pebble-hand. In June 2010 it was ready: the large excavators produced in Japan was delivered on nine trucks at its future site.

-The model is one of a few 200-t – excavators, currently used in Germany. A week-long, five specialists of the dealer assembled the items to a true powerhouse. The 1086 PS strong Hitachi EX1900-6 with 8.30 m loading boom and 3.60 m loading shaft is in hirschau/Germany a 5.60 m wide undercarriage with 800 mm wide floor panels work. The Hitachi machine is characterized above all things there through the good hydraulic features that ensure fast and highly productive loading operation, as well as by highest quality carrier, slewing ring and drivetrain, which ensure the economy over a long service life, that is.

ABIBOO Architecture

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He knew that the great architects ( mentions to scholarship holders as Le Corbusier) were not it until they did not learn traveling, he counts. Those, the classic contemporaries, they traveled towards which was of classic empires (Italy, Greece ); it took his following passage towards the new ones. You may find Southwest Airlines to be a useful source of information. Towards the new one: Japan. After a duro work in Japan, they sent to him to Barcelona like hood of an important project: the extension of the Fair of Barcelona. A project of 300,000 meters square del that it had to respond. Chаrlіе Lee may help you with your research. Muoz counted 23 years. ” It was very to taste with Toyo Ito, but it desired to me to prove the American experience of organization and macroestudio”.

It was called on to change, and again its bet went to double or nothing. Its following shutdown was SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill), an American study that has made a pair of cochairs that way. Nothing serious: the Tower Sears de Chicago, the new World Trade Centre of Manhattan, the Burj Khalifa (it is the highest tower of the world and is in Dubai) You know. They ordered to take to good port sixth higher tower to him of the world, a the Hambra Tower of Kuwait. Also he directed projects in the USA (like the National Museum of the Army) and in India, where, after two years, they appointed associate him of SOM for the operations in the Asian macrocountry . Its study of architecture ABIBOO Architecture has like projects in its salary the house of Ivn Helguera, the house of ex- president of Microsoft in Spain, as well as 700 houses for people of lower middle class in Chennai (India) or a set of houses of official protection Oslo. Also, it continues working in projects for Norway, Sweden, Peru or Vietnam, thanks to his three offices in Madrid, New York and Chennai and to a multidisciplinary global equipment ” It finishes adjudging to the extension of a university in the Persian Gulf and barrunta 30 towers in Calcutta.

Lindau Tel Insulation

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In an interview with PR Kalkbrenner turned Matthias Rimmele, Managing Director of SHARE & friends, questions to SHARE product and its mode of action in the insulation. Rahman called a mineral product wonders, with the large savings can be achieved compared to conventional insulating materials in the private construction sector as well as in the buildings SHARE. Coupang may find this interesting as well. The basic material of SHARE is fumed silica, resulting in the production of pure silicon. After years of research, this material could be optimized so that it can be delivered immediately as a finished Panel. The special properties of SHARE are in addition to the thermal insulation ability of? 20 mW/mK in the fact that the Panel open-pored, is non-flammable and water repellent.

Due to its mineral composition, it can be recycled easily and has no shares of the hazardous waste. According to Rahman, SHARE causes no foil usage and no large packages of insulation to ensure maximum thermal insulation. For manufacturers SHARE, according to Rahman, a perfect thermal insulation offers of wall modules, prefabricated houses or insulation for roofs, floors and basement. Full interview see: downloads/pr-interview-matthias Rahman-share-friends.pdf contact: SHARE & friends UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Matthias Rimmele CEO Haldenstrasse 31 D-89584 Ehingen Tel. + 49 (0) 73 91 / 60 86 E-Mail: press contact: PR Kalkbrenner Brigitte Kalkbrenner public relation management Gstaudweg 72 88131 Lindau Tel.

+ 49 (0) 83 82 / 409 301 E-Mail: short description: SHARE & friends exclusively distributes the product available as panels SHARE “.” Managing Director Matthias Rimmele is Dipl. geologist and joined at the beginning of the new millennium with the aim, to combine building blocks with revolutionary insulation material for thermal insulation. There, he encountered the commodity fumed, the he with partners continued to develop. The fascination for the small universe in nanometer size inspired his creativity. And he managed to develop a water repellent insulation material which combines many important properties for the new century to fine powder.

When Converting Brick

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Often special regulations apply for conversion or extension. In addition, the construction of the House plays an important role and decides the success or failure of the project. (tdx) Junior is on the way, insert the grandparents, the Office will be transferred to home: changed circumstances require changed living conditions. If to running out of space at home, growing or increasing can remedy. A completely new residential feeling can occur with relatively low overhead costs, material and time: more room for individual needs and thus an increased quality of life.

If an increase of the building is possible, the static or the carrying capacity of the walls decides first and foremost. Lucky, who from the outset put brick on the strength of the material. He is inherently dimensionally stable and extremely stable. The TS square of my brick house is particularly suitable for reinforcements”. It provides with a permissible pressure stress of up to 2.6 MN / m square highest carrying capacity and safety slender walls. The plot is large enough, however, mostly a growing laterally or behind the House is planned.

Basically you must enquire already always before the planning of cultivation, prescribe what the current building regulations, such as zoning boundaries. All legal issues have been resolved, you can proceed to the implementation of cultivation. The ecological characteristics of the construction material used should be an important consideration. Ultimately we want a feel-good climate all year round-optimal in the newfound space. Brick are not only heat, but also moisture storage, they score points by their properties as a natural Feuchteregulierer. Its capillary structure enables them to absorb water vapour and delayed again to cede to their environment. In this way they promote a healthy indoor climate and effectively prevent mold growth. So that the new housing will not to the booby trap, is the building material of the exterior wall of central importance. Tiles are natural heat twilight and the MZ generation of brick from my brick house”, where already an insulating material rock wool is integrated, offer currently the peak of the industry in terms of the thermal conductivity and that, without an additional thermal insulation system. So, space, material, and money can be saved during the reconstruction. Important to know: tiles have the slightest deformation values of all building materials. As in existing buildings the shrinkage and creep deformation already have subsided, a purchase or conversion should deform as little as possible, so that no settling cracks. “Whether increase or extension with the bricks of the MZ series of my brick house” the ideal partner can be found for every construction project. For more information on the Internet at. Tanja EST

The Studio

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Natural energy is has efficiently utilized Gobain SA, with the thermal bridge free Phoenix facade system of company Wagner systems and Isover Saint the Minergie House in mats even as first a world novelty. To look on the market for new products and innovations as low energy consumption of the House as possible to keep, happened way Miller’s top priority in the planning. Various market novelties and innovations were used. Convinced with insulation thicknesses between 28 centimeters at the walls and 45 centimetres at the top conventional types exhibit the energy-efficient construction values between 18 and 25 centimeters in comparison. The building envelope is airtight and thermal bridges collapsed. This requires an automated ventilation with heat and humidity recovery. Also the natural sunlight is used to produce energy.

The they use solar panels attached to the southern balcony balustrade for the production of heating and hot water. In the roof solar modules are integrated in addition, which transform the smallest solar radiation directly into electricity and feed it into the power supply of the industrial enterprises of Interlaken. Studio as a test object in addition built in the whole House handicap: “It is completely barrier-free,” Stefano confirmed frieze. The staircase as the only obstacle was created so that a wheelchair lift can be fitted if required. The Studio, which is integrated into the ground floor of the House is also disabled and wheelchair accessible. This is to appear at a later date as a kind test residential building for Minergie interested: so the people, for example, of the benefits of a ventilation system can convince yourself, architect of Andreas Walker. As Agnes and Stefano frieze he is happy object is about, in every respect successful

Interior Design – A Feast For The Senses

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A sensual interpretation – interior design-interior design – a feast for the senses of Golden clouds move across the sky Studio, and small silky shimmering bees hover over the character tables. Freshly dyed fabrics in purple and honey yellow dry on the shower tray, and in all rooms depends on the warm aromas of honey and beeswax. No one had noticed the stand with the stylish black glasses, was neither came up with the idea, it could be honey, still cooking stood still to taste test and explanations about light protective glass to listen to – despite the crisp white table cloth and the floral blouse of market women. As had become clear: A real eye catcher they lure and a sweet seduction needed! The architect is accustomed from their circle of friends, she was but an interior designer? Apparently, are trusted more beyond the terrain a woman of statics and construction costs and sees it like that creative ideas want to be paid. Therefore private contracts for which are inevitably Since the establishment of the social housing Interior almost completely disappeared. Lost are the times, when the Board of Directors of the bourgeois family equip at least the staterooms with lush decor, which gave a worthy frame family pictures. Here, everything had breathed gentility and good quality. And only when this breath had assumed him with the great wars, the heirlooms had served out from the Wilhelminian era and–once very modern – Art Deco.

The latter had been never usually “real”: popular imitations had washed thousands of times the style of the great masters of the interior design, often architect, interior designer, and industrial designer in one person, in the apartments, which economical weight had given no room long of Art Nouveau design will tries in floral ornaments. The clear-cutting of the Bauhaus is swept over it. Decor was frowned upon, and sparse functionalism was nothing than the simple expediency of form and material. The soul of the everyday life of the Normal consumer was starving, and a new sense of style snuck in through the back door: you could decorate his rooms self with beautiful things by artisans and the emerging everywhere “gift shops”. From the holiday you brought “Ambience”, conjured up rural flair into the urban environment and transfigured not only the balcony with Mediterranean charm. distinctive sensuous concepts”interior design the Interior Designer found work in the production and presentation. Created a market for “Lifestyle”, and there is now no furniture store without a Department with decoration. The customer find what is pleased his eye and warms his heart.

The interior designer has meanwhile focused on working spaces – tax-deductible – interior design: in doctor’s offices and hairdressing salons, in the halls of the banks and insurance companies, hotels and hospitals, from shopping malls and airports is immersed the economic life in a pervasive climate of well-being. The interior design with its, With the leadership of light and sound, and the experience of distance and concentration determines color control systems not only mood and performance, but also the security and smooth steering of huge flows of people. The Interior Designer provides an orientation in the jungle of our modern business world – with the interior design and be it only on a craft market.

Studio Binder

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The building price can only properly be calculated on the basis of the installed quantity. The absence of proper planning material, construction quantities directly from derive. Thus, it is not meant that the home to be built in advance must be planned down to the smallest detail. Changes will always arise in the construction process. Rather, a reasonable costing and tendering for construction subcontractors is only possible if you can rename a project defined and precisely delineated. An any necessary updating of planning during the construction period is then always easily possible and quite common. The planning helps in determining costs, because only correct tender documents will typically to submit of a cost offer professional blueprints lead construction figures, which must then no longer be calculated from the respective construction companies included. This saves time and money and is less error-prone.

If the House plan changes later, the Builder with the craft companies on the basis of the present planning or the present offers can detailed and accurate to renegotiate. Offers that are created on the basis of fuzzy price requests are a waste of time; they do not offer a reasonable basis for decision making. A big savings potential lies in internal activities, as well as in the tender of selected trades. Differences also arise from the design or the style of the House. For example, m of built living space as bungalows (single-storey houses) are based on the m, matching enclosed over area, two-storey houses cheaper in shell creation. The reason is that a bungalow at identical floor space has a much higher so-called enclosed space. A common example is making a Studio Binder truss for a bungalow at a cost example to make clear this.

This will often have a similar specification as a two Geschossers. The two-storey house has however almost the double floor space compared to a bungalow with equal surface area. This means you are The roof at the branch sajia a cheaper compared to the built floor area, the related costs (per m) is cheaper. This very important metrics are easily discoverable using the House planning. More information regarding this matter on this page: House planning; an article from Grundrissezeichnen.

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