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In the circle inscribes his name. Larry Ellison has much to offer in this field. Next, draw the rays emanating from the circle. It turns out the sun. Above each beam is recorded quality, which characterizes the man. In the analysis takes into account number of rays (a clear idea himself) and the prevalence of positive qualities (positive self-perception). Debate, "I and my parents group." Objective: To identify mutual claims. (Location of "horseshoe") Questions for participants: "How far is composed communicating with parents in your group?" "Do they help you?" "Do you have a claim to the parents?", "placing the parents of any complaints to you?" ( assistant writes to the parents claim teachers on the board). (10min) (Approximate "shortcomings" – difficulty beginning teachers: the lack of experience, lack of own children, it is difficult to speak to parents at meetings) Exercise "Turn to the lack of dignity." (Examining the claims identified in a positive way).

(10 minutes) Instructions: – Think positive and look for grain in such a "shortage" as the absence of their children. Members: there is free time for personal life, the time to read books and manuals, dlyapodgotovki to activities, and we know how to love the "alien" children and see them as good and strong points, and we gain experience for education own children, etc. A theoretical introduction, "The rules of building an effective communication." (7 minutes) – Speaking with parents, we must remember that in communication has its own laws. The basis of human relations to us laid in the first 15 seconds! In order to safely pass through the "minefield" of those first few seconds, you must apply the "Rule of Three Plus" (so to win the other person to give him at least three psychological plus.

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