Information Communication

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Globalization of the Communication is fruit of conquests of commercial interests of international corporations, that acted according to interests occidental politicians and military, predominantly American. This process produced a new form of domination, for the medias, the Symbolic Domination and Ideological, where, through the invasion them values, treated for the medias, the culture articuladamente is assimilated, and the cultural structure that occupied the land previously is restrained. This Cultural Imperialism was studied and projected by American studies North of the decade of 1920, Mass Communication Research. According to Shiller, cited for Thompson, the American ideology North grew in function of the evolution of the domain American North in the period Postwar period; when the traditional colonial empires (French, British, dutch, Spanish and Portuguese), had entered in decline. The new imperial regimen, the American, if bases on the domination economic, result of the power of the main international economic corporations, and the domination of the developed systems of Communication.

A System of total commercial Communication that if inserted in the majority of the countries of Third World. The studies of Communication of the American School North have as characteristic vertebrais the empiricistas orientaes and the quantitative dimensions, that had as objective to project formulas for one better communication. They have, as also objective, to understand as the communicative processes function to optimize its results, in such a way, becoming manipulable the communication and its effect on receives who it. The studies American North divide the process of Communication as a process of: transmission of a message, using a signal, for a source, through a canal, to the one destination; being able to be intervened by a noise. The objective of these studies is to define the amount of information to be to transmit through a mechanical canal, preventing the possible distortions to occur in this process. The Theory of the Information, one of the main theories of the School, developed for Claude E.

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