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The values represented by Mahindra and the focus on rural areas make it an ideal partner Mahindra. MIBL’s team has proven very impressively in recent years, how you can combine growth, profitability and social benefits. We are pleased to support the next phase of growth on increase in number of customers and innovation actively. Bharat Doshi, Chairman of Mahindra finance: “with its innovative products, outstanding customer service, as well as the objective of positively changing people’s lives, MIBL plays a prominent role in insurance sales in India. We have a partner who has world-class insurance expertise in emerging markets LeapFrog.

LeapFrog’s expertise in Product development and sales stands out from all other investors and partners and strengthened our common vision on market leadership in the Indian insurance sales with simultaneous aspiration after a positive social impact. MIBL is the second participation of LeapFrog in the Indian market within the past 12 months and underlines the commitment and goal of LeapFrog, to provide access to affordable financial services excluded people in Asia so far by the financial sector. As a so-called “impact investment” Fund LeapFrog seeks including a significant positive social effect in addition to the financial return. With its existing investments achieved LeapFrog more than 8 million people in Africa and Asia and offers them protection and positive prospects for the future. The Mahindra group has a strong presence in the rural areas of India.

Focuses include commercial vehicles, tractors, agricultural machinery, bicycles and mortgage loans. The activities of Mahindra finance are an important in many rural regions of India Cornerstone of the poverty reduction and economic development. Mahindra grants and loans to people in the countryside, where the majority of the Indian population lives and where India’s growth is strongest. MIBL already has a leading position in these regions and plans to be with the help of LeapFrog until 2015 to the leading insurance broker from India.

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