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I had met Kim again in the 80s in the world at TV shows and we have well understood. Many years I no longer saw it, before I met her at a party in Berlin. I think she stood there with Nina Hagen and drank a glass of wine. That for me was just the phase where I Nena feat. Nena’ have worked and I a new version by somehow ‘ wanted to take on the album.

“I’m equal to you, just took it in the arm and spontaneously asked Kim, you don’t want to sing this song with me?’.” The rest is music history. Are moments I can wish something only encounters that brings luck, and whether the wishes of then come true, not I decide.” The first single off House of the three Suns”is a hidden treasure of their furious career. She has sung (I adore the very long and very great find”) the song together with Peter Heppner. A song originally from 1985, in which it only superficially around luck and games past Reality is, which can be regarded also as a sublime matrix of life. I’ve wanted this Duet and then it happened.

Quite naturally, this was not constructed. We were both in the Studio. We were never met and listened to this old NENA song as a demo of the new version first together.” “Peter Heppner: it fit at the moment simply everything, it was all easy.” For him, NENA is today a music icon. You can stand to you what you want, it was always cool, what she did. I am pleased in the request because of the Duet animal. I was able to edit the piece with two fellow producers and it was great fun.” “” A single release of 2010 follow Nena facetted tracklisting on this 85-song: we are true “, my way is my way” and? (Question mark) “, before the success of the world 99 luftballons” comes in a version of 2009.

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