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Dynamics NAV specialist Prism Informatics defined in a checklist of smoothly working requirements, such as an ERP system with the connected Web shop. Nuremberg, 23.05.2011. Online stores without a connection to an ERP system are no longer possible. The Prism Informatics GmbH, Nuremberg, now in a check list, put together the ten essential requirements in the integration of online store and merchandise must be given smoothly the processes from order to delivery. An additional advantage for the store owner: with good service and fast delivery are staunch regulars once customers in the shop. Operators of Web shops assistance process greatly, ranging from the organizational processes that triggers an order in the shop about the financial management up to the logistical handling of the order.

Because each store is individually, the connected ERP system must have high flexibility. It also sales platforms such as eBay should also apart from different shop systems or Amazon can be used as a front end”, advises Claudius Malue, Managing Director of prisma informatik. In the following ten points, an ERP system must support online trading: 1 processes need to seamlessly access. A professional control, as well as a cross-departmental and uniform information base are important for smooth operations. Distribution, warehouse, logistics, purchasing and accounting work so efficiently. The process steps follow each other without loss of time.

2. only one system provides the data. The ERP system is the leading system for the updating of product data. Special catalogue texts, prices and photos can be maintained here and selected for the respective front end. This ensures a clean process in the background and avoids errors. 3. order processing is largely automated. To the processing of online orders as possible automatically expire, workflows can be defined, perform the following step when certain events. About a shipping can be initiated when the customer’s payment has arrived.

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