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Franchising – now anyone with desire can find tons of literature on the topic of franchising. This unique system of the company’s development through a clear copy of its scheme and the use of business its brand, technology, production methods, marketing arrangements and other benefits. From the moment when, in 1851, the company entered into with distributors Singer product first written agreement on the transfer of the franchise, its essence has not undergone any significant changes. Today, the company said DeSheli the world on a new system of doing business, the company’s development and promotion of products patented under the trademark TLM. So, try to to understand the essence of the claimed system and what are its advantages over the existing schemes of doing business. All franchises offer little or no fundamental differences.

Companies offer Franchisor the adjusted scheme for creating an administrative structure and control the business under the auspices of the brand. In principle, it is strong and the franchise. It allows you to avoid reinventing the wheel again, and take advantage of existing developments. A person who wants to buy a franchise, while a unique opportunity to start their own business, with virtually having no business experience. In this case, to the fore such quality as the ability to go from a given course.

In the U.S., some of Franchisor to clarify the requirements put forward to potential franchisees that experience even undesirable. Because if a customer franchise – new to the business, he it will be easier to implement a clear framework of standards imposed franchisor. While not all companies involved in franchising, providing training centers, where the franchisee can receive training and learn all the secrets and tricks of doing business, and even fewer companies offering full support and training in the process of cooperation. This attitude to the franchisee is a serious deterrent to the development of franchising in Russia. A distinctive feature of the work with the company DeSheli is that the company’s policy aimed at attracting the most competent and highly qualified partners. To achieve the necessary result of training is not only to franchisees, but also the directors of departments of his future office. In addition to intensive training each franchisee and his entire team must acquire practical management skills now based on the current representation. At the same time throughout the collaboration at any time as they can get additional training and consultation from the main office or from other employees representatives on all issues. Upon completion of training to certify, under which the company estimates the readiness of a new partner. The seriousness of intent in getting trained and well-trained partner says that the company guarantees to return the money paid for the franchise, if learning becomes clear discrepancy between the potential franchisee with the company requirements. Company DeSheli abandoned the practice of charging any additional fees from franchisees. The only payment, provided the company is buying a franchise, which includes the license, the system of doing business and brand. Franchising is a good the fact that even a novice businessman is much easier to start with an already well-known brand, which occupies a niche market. On the other hand – given all the payments, the rate of return here quite long. Therefore, before signing the franchise agreement, you must find out all aspects of training and support from the franchisor. Even better, contact the already running franchise and see what actually it is. Franchising in general, very a viable system and the market offers on it will only grow with each passing year.

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