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Since January 1, 2010 Europe from a bird’s-eye view, Europe Online (EOL) presents travel for explorers / assemble for the travel portal the EOL editors of country guides with backgrounds and pan-European theme tours: the tour metropolis around takes its readers through the nine giants of the old continent. We want that the travellers have a chance to look for more than just the sights of London, Moscow and Paris”culture Chief Professor Manfred Dinnes describes. The golden road and Svalbard tours lure away from tourist trails. “EOL-sporting chef Stephan Landgraf developed athletes tours on land, water and in the air: we have currently an Azores tour with paragliding world champion Ewa Wisnierska on the home page, but also lots of tips for recreational athletes.” The Svalbard tour comes from a survival skill of the old school. explore 43 European countries, is an ambitious undertaking.

We can not claim of course still completeness’, says editor-in-Chief Jurgen Hamilton, we the content based on top-down build: Whats important and interesting for all of Europe? The bird’s eye view on the continent is our trade mark.” Between 100 and 150 news and articles daily tackle the editorial office with the support of the news agencies dpa and dts. “Within one year we would design a sensual painting of Europe and show where it grooves as it sounds, tastes and smells,” as Hamilton. Europe associated / we make conscious references to history, politics and society”, Hamilton explains, because you can only see what you see”..

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