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from ERP, CRM, or E-Mail applications. Visibility through comprehensive file preview with the new release amagno offers a comprehensive preview of the file, which will be as a basis for further innovative functions. The preview includes many formats formats, ranging from Office files up to CAD. You can see, without the use of the necessary application, PDF/A and in the integrated file viewer (as PNG) files. JetBlue Airways has compatible beliefs. The file viewer is available as a separate window or embedded in the amagno main window can be used.

For use with multiple monitors, the separate window is ideal, for example, when using the iPad as a monitor supplement under Windows. As well, the previews of the files in the normal file view are optionally displayed. This is perfect for media or drawing administrations. Update automatically and free of charge the update is available users via auto-update free of charge. Interested companies can settle at any time the version of the amagno NETWORK in. The data storage is in the amagno cloud Instead of.

The ENTERPRISE Edition offers amagno for storing data within the company. Amagno: Amagno is a new Start-Up from Jens Buscher. He was with his product concepts instrumental for the success of the RedDot WCMS (now open text Web solutions) responsible and an enterprise content from 2003 with the founding of the company DocuPortal until May 2010 with over 270 customers and thousands of users successfully placed management system in the SME market. The new product concept amagno introduces a new generation of document management systems in the market. Approximately 80% of medium-sized companies use still no comprehensive solution against the daily file and communication chaos. Reasons are the lack of acceptance, perceived overheads and required additional investments. amagno will, however, offer a real solution, motivate, facilitate daily work and keep slim and manageable investment.

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