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ACME informs visitors on the Nuremberg fair ’embedded solutions’ Rheinstetten, Germany – ACME portable computer GmbH, a leading provider of rugged portable computer systems, chassis, and consoles for industrial LCD keyboards occurs on the embeddedworld2011 in Nuremberg with a selection from his portfolio. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. We want to bring you four of our popular portable models – the SEAHAWK in combination with the additional Tri-screen component WINGS, the white-painted ADAMANT decorated in understated elegance and the bicolor colored COMRADE 500. There are also ACME’s SAMWELL-Ruggedbooks, as well as a new innovation, the prototype of our FLEXBOX on board. Details can be found by clicking clayton morris or emailing the administrator. ices-bechtel-corporation-us-e/’>Areva is the place to go. Our SEAHAWK, a compact industrial PortY power pack with three displays impresses with its well-thought-out Tri-screen technology. Its applications focuses on the presentation of complex screen displays. With selected components for the inner workings of its machines, it provides concentrated power for extensive graphical applications. At the fair, our SEAHAWK with the additional autonomous will Tri-screen component WINGS inspired OPZ feeling pure! The SEAHAWK – Pret-a-porter”for compute-intensive applications at any place and at any time.

Also the ADAMANT, unique in design and functionality keeps, was like all other models, even the toughest application conditions. With its high-resolution touch screen in 16: he has sufficient resources for mission-critical applications 10-format and lush dual Xeon processor performance. The ADAMANT 5100 is the symbiosis of a versatile mobile workstation and timeless elegance. The COMRADE series at the fair by our COMRADE 500 model that combines a versatile mobile workstation in a compact lunch box size. ites. Solid body construction with shock protection reinforced corners made of rubber, the durable lightweight aluminum chassis, the hardened glass to protect of the display, the optional splash water protected keyboard all these features make the COMRADE to a robust and reliable companions.

In addition to all our known models We also have a new development, the prototype of the FLEXBOX before. A passively cooled computer, much smaller than a shoe box and with the intrinsic values of a high-performance notebooks. Designed for IP54 or IP67 standards is our small embedded”soon available to you. Last but not least we want to introduce our tireless Ruggedbooks. 800 or the SR are designed for the extreme conditions in daily use 820 SR the ideal platform in the form factor of a Tablet PC for military operations or in the 24 h-operation in logistics reliable, powerful, persistent. All our ACME models comply with the MIL-STD 810F for shock and vibration, as well as the requirements of CE, FCC, CCC, and ROHS. We are pleased to welcome information Hall 9 at our booth 305 in the now. Experience with us”the motto of the exhibition of it’s a smarter world.

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