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Interview 1 about the successful year of 2012. How would you describe your year 2012? 2012 was a very hyperactive year. There was much to be done and we have done very much in all areas. It is in product development where we have designed new furniture and placed on the market or in sales and marketing, where we have invested much time in acquisition, public relations and social media. 2. What were your personal highlights 2012? The new products made of wood, the new chairs were clearly SOFT and SWEET new side table. Another highlight is the development of OVA in chrome, which is not completed until today, because it is very expensive, until you can produce quality economically and intelligently the part with a. 3.

You’re just the new furniture SOFT and SWEET spoken, which are made of wood. How did the idea to build wooden furniture and how come these customers? seems to be at the time even a little trendy, our models themselves are more timeless, elegant and simple. The products are ecologically and aware hardly treated to create a better living environment. The furniture arrive very well with the customers, which is why we design now even a sofa too SOFT so that it has a seating. 4.

You have given out your furniture at several trade fairs. Which trade fairs were you, how did you like it and what was the response to your products? 2012 we were imm international furniture fair in Cologne, as well as at the ORGATEC in Cologne. The imm was very good, we have closed many press contacts, stands there watching the OVA from the crowd. Also the ORGATEC was very interesting because we have tried the balancing act between Design Studio and the brand of Christian Dorn there for the first time. This brought us some orders for the Design Studio from abroad. Armchair SOFT was very well received, particularly the ecological leather was one of the highlights. The comfort has been praised several times and the processing is a dream. SOFT, a nice all round product is simple. 5. As you have just mentioned, you designed furniture and products for others in addition to the Christian Dorn’s own furniture collection Manufacturer, how has evolved here 2012 business? Also here a lot has happened. This year, we have acquired national and international customers. At the moment, we design such a Chair model together with a European company that is very much active in the objects pane. 6. What can we expect from you this year? There are already concrete plans? In which direction should it go? We are currently in the development of OVA in chrome, which is expected to be 2013 comes on the market. To do this, there will be very probably still an OVA stool. Design as I’ve already said, we just also a SOFT sofa. For the Design Studio have we mid-January at the furniture fair in Cologne. 7. How do you want the future of style loyalty? For the future, I would like a medium-sized collection of furniture which are coordinated and build on each other. Should be best for the object to living area at the same time can be used. Increase in personnel would be nice and more orders for Design Studio.

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