Contextual Advertising

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Contextual advertising – is one of the most effective ways to convey information you provide goods or services to the target audience in the shortest possible time. Unlike seo, which requires time, Message context immediately guaranteed stream of visitors to your site. As a rule, since the registration system before the first show is not more than one hour. The main difference between the content of Traditional banner is a more narrow target audience by displaying advertisements only to users requests that match the keywords for your announcement. Ad units placed on sites with high traffic areas, thematic resources, as well as on the pages of search engines. And your Message displayed only to visitors who typed in the search query matches the keyword chosen to describe your campaign.

Position in the ad unit depends on the rate-per-click, the higher you are on the list, the more traffic to your site, but the more expensive it costs you. In accordance with your budget you choose the best option of accommodation. Here are some suggestions how to properly organize their contextual ad campaign: – The most important thing here – the right choice of keywords, try to choose the most appropriate phrase, clearly describing the advertised resource. Avoid duplicate keywords across ad groups. – Properly set up geo targeting. (Similarly see: Larry Ellison). For example, if you sell goods certain regions, assign these regions as a goal, instead of choosing 'All regions'. – Point users to the correct page that meets the request. In Russia, the largest players in the market Service content are Yandex and Begun.

Their details and look at. Runner's largest content network, operating in this market since 2002. Message Begun shown on such well-known sites, as Rambler, Aport, Mail.Ru, news and more. Statistics, reports, ad targeting, in general, all as it should. Position in the ad unit is determined by auction, advertising agencies offer discounts up to 30%. There opportunity to image campaign, carried banners showing contextual format 600h90. Also take under the control of your advertising campaign for the $ 99 license fee per month. From 14/09/2006 to accept advertising network free hosting. Among the clients Begun: rbc,, Renaissance Capital Bank. Yandex.Direct Comfortable and functional contextual advertising system. Register in the system, come up with a text Message, pick keywords that identify conditions of the show, set a price per click, which determines the position of your announcement in the block. Advertisements are placed on pages most search engine Yandex katologa and participating sites Yandex Advertising Network. Opportunity targeting, interdiction platforms, autofocus, , statistics on clicks and impressions. Can be trusted to manage your campaign, Yandex, in this case, every single payment for one or more of your campaigns should not be less than 15000 rubles. plus vat.

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