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8 It has a century, the Community more than Bah' international i has been implementing the plan established for Bah' u' llh, for the creation of a world-wide order based in the justice and the unit of all the peoples. Representing already one it parcels out significant of the humanity, with roots in more than 400 countries and territories, more than 120 a thousand localities, in the five continents, with people comings of more than 1,600 ethnic origins, its members, that are loyal to the national governments under which they live, look for constructive ways to take the society to a world-wide awareness that is the foundation on which a civilization world-wide and reached the definitive peace in the planet will be constructed. 8 the Bah&#039 Community; international i recognizes not to exist an easy way for the world-wide peace, the national governments certainly has the responsibility to prevent the war, to look ways to join and to disarm, searching an agreement politician – the first period of training of world-wide peace: ' ' Today, the task that charges to the great governing is to establish the peace, therefore in this it inhabits the freedom of all povos.' ' 10Em more advanced period of training, is also task of each person, through the awareness of its real nature as in service of a Creator and member of a family human being, to fulfill with the divine will to congregate all the peoples in harmony and peace, freeing the planet of the poverty and the war. In this as period of training – of the true world-wide unit and peace – well-being of the individual and the society will be revealed in a civilization that will reflect the values spirituals of the love, compassion and justice. 8 the main Tool for Construction of this Order the development of the World-wide Order of Bah' u' llh frequently is compared with the construction of a building. .

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