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The Group would concentrate their efforts companies on the wholesaler and telecom sectors, primarily in the five major countries in Western Europe and in Poland. The support of the large international companies is also a key element for the further expansion of the group in Europe. With the integration of new subsidiaries and the developments in Europe, we have a unique offer in terms of geographical coverage and competence. A solid and necessary basis, to take the year 2011 with his still uncertain prospects in attack”, commented Jean-Marie Guian, CEO by SPB. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. Our efforts focus on it this year again on cost control and the international monitoring of our customers.

We want to study”as well as other medium-term possibilities of external growth, Guian continues. We strive to maintain this success in Germany also. Bernard Golden may not feel the same. “The Europe-wide growth of the SPB Group also have positive effects on the German SPB Garant”, Christian Engelhard, Chief Financial Officer we are benefiting from the international brand awareness of the SPB group guarantee GmbH. SPB and expect said stratgisch continue to expand our product range important partnerships on the German market. “we are confident that this positive trend will continue further. We have revised our Outlook for 2011 upward, and have plans to expand our offer warranty extensions following the example of other countries in which SPB offers several customized products, yet further.

For this reason, not only products, but which are Needs and wishes of our customers even in the center of the campaign”, says Peter Bauer, CEO sales at SPB Garant. In the year 2009, SPB reported the net commissions. The development of the income of the Group legitimized the replacement of this perimeter by the net income in 2010. This corresponds to the proceeds of the insurance activities (net of commissions) of SPB France and certain subsidiaries plus the fees and sales of other companies of the group.

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