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“” Daily specials LIVE from the fair as azo wat erlawe: the biggest funfair on the Rhine “begins and turns Dusseldorf” this year every day LIVE on the (giant) wheel. The local TV station for the regions of Dusseldorf, Neuss and Mettmann reported from July 19 to 26, daily from 19: 00 live from the mobile fair-TV Studio in airy heights. A colorful TV program with many interesting topics and celebrity guests, as well as a breathtaking view over the Rhine Carnival expected viewers. Switch, buckle up and watch: from 18 till 26 July LIVE sends daily from 19: 00 from the own kermis-TV Studio on the Oberkassel Rhine meadows. The exclusive fair TV program for all at home, with the most important information around the fair day, the rides, marquees, exhibitors, shooters, and much more. The mobile fair reporters are all day long on the Rhine meadows with the camera on the way and the most beautiful impressions of the fair catch, turn exciting background reports, give interesting before local information and current service notices. “All spectators, the the special of Rhein funfair LIVE” from home enjoy Dusseldorf in the region of Dusseldorf, the Rhine district of Neuss and the district Mettmann about Unitymedia cable on channel S18 (frequency 280,25) and live on the Internet via Web TV at want to receive. “Program Note: daily from 19: 00: the special of Rhein funfair LIVE” with many invited guests and background reports from the fair day.

The Rhine Carnival LIVE”program highlights: Sunday: the big shooters parade Monday: pink Monday and RheinSport special Tuesday: karaoke final who will be the new star of the city? Wednesday: From shooters, rides and other attractions Thursday: CityLife special with many prominent guests Friday: the colourful Carnival Fireworks Saturday: to the funfair Sprint who doesn’t still, who wants to again? Sunday: The highlights of the last days of Carnival can a complete overview of the program on the Internet at be seen. Background: Dusseldorf is the local television channel for the regions of Dusseldorf, Neuss and Mettmann. News from business, politics, sport and culture, as well as sophisticated reports and talk shows will be presented on topics that move the region. According to a representative survey of range from the months of Feb.-Apr. 2009 regularly around 320,000 viewers has been convinced.

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