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After the excuse in writing of yesterday on the part of the Catalan public radio transmitter, Catalonia Rdio, today has arrived the one from the informative presenter of the morning one, Manel journalist Sources, that a bitter conversation with the university professor of Economy maintained yesterday, Navarrese Vicen Escuchar audio, on the constitutional reform of the limit of the deficit. Sources, presenter stars of the public chain, has repeated in his the eight editorial of the seven and in the morning an excuse in which he recognizes: " I did not do well my yesterday trabajo" Audio Escuchar. Source: here. Sources are underlining that an interviewer must leave " that the interviewed person explique" and he did not do it. He has remembered that requested excuses in own antenna and to Navarrese " and we located ourselves to speak with calm in estudio". Source of the news: : Sources apologize by a quarrel in antenna

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