Carl Spitzweg

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This had been previously reserved exclusively for the nobility. These buyers put emphasis on traditional themes and plots close to the realism. Meanwhile also the Impressionist art movement arose in the course of Spitzwegs life. The artists broke away from the lifelike appearance and brought their feelings and impressions on the canvas rather. This was done using broad brush strokes, bright (or even dull) colours, where the topic was certainly recognizable, but was depicted from the own and entirely subjective point of view of the artist. This art movement was however alien Spitzweg, if he gave up even his hitherto delicate painting technique later in favor of a point. More info: Oracle.

However, his paintings far from actual Impressionism are located. The poor poet from the year 1839 is, without a doubt, the most famous image of Carl Spitzweg. The poet is shown in a very poor attic, its roofing is even leaking. He can afford no bed, apparently too, because he is only on a mattress. In the first years the image was rejected apparently dealing with this issue was on Spitzwegs contemporaries to covered. And he has even though artists never met the poverty.

On the contrary, from his extensive work he could sell over 400 images, which allowed him a considerable prosperity. Some time later, namely in 1850, Spitzwegs image of the portrait painter was created. There, the Studio is not too comfortable, but after all, big and reasonably bright. The pictured artist considered his work proudly, while a helper in addition is submissive. Probably Spitzweg presented here not his own situation. But the painting is a very emphatic expression of his sharp observation skills as also the critical view of things. The portrait painter already shows a representation of much flachigere seen from the perspective of the painting technique. The faces can be seen however no characteristic features can be made though.

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