Carl Billotte

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Aachen-based photographer of the 19th century Carl Andreas Hubert Billotte Monday, August 22, 1836 in Aachen is born and dies Monday, March 5, 1917, in Aachen, Germany. He is a German photographer. Life and work Carl Andreas Hubert Billotte is the son of the Aachen-based company painter Heinrich Franz Carl Billotte and his wife Gertrud Maria Coonen. It is to assume that it formed out of court photographer Jacob Wothly to the photographers can be. At the latest since 1859, the 23 year-old Carl Billotte as a photographer is active. He illustrated Peter Stephan Kaentzeler’s treatise on the bas-relief’s of the Aachen shrine of Karl. Kaentzeler explains the reliefs which depict the story circle of Charlemagne for the first time.

The Chronicles of the ADO and the pseudo-Turpin Chronicle, the Historia Caroli Magni underlying templates of the iconography of the relief images. The artwork is copper plates in the format, 1 1/3 feet long and 1 foot wide. C. Billotte published his eight pictures of the roof-reliefs at the Buchdruckerei Jacob Hensen and company. Prints of this eight recordings located in the Aachen city archive. These are the earliest traditional photographic artworks by Carl Billotte. The theatre 24 he develops in his photographic studio, he leads until 1893/95. From the years 1864 to 1880 are shots of Henry Lambertz, his wife Pauline and their daughter Mary, later wife Dr.

med. Ferdinand Joseph Laaf, survived. Heinrich Franz Carl Billotte created preparatory to his paintings and colored photographs in co-production with the Photo Studio of his son Carl. Carl’s older half-brother Egidius Franz Carl Billotte operated as a photographer and painter. He leads a photographic studio in Brussels. “His practice is photography AU CHARBON INHALTeRABLE”, a photographic method with fixed carbon, the carbon print, a noble printing process. Portrait of a lady by E. Billotte signed, is located in the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum in Aachen, Germany. His three younger sisters Louise, Maria and Catherine pull after the death of her father to her brother Carl in his former Studio building on the Theatre road 24 and spend the next years of her life together. Monday, March 5, 1917, Carl Billotte dies at the age of 80 years to eight o’clock in the morning and 82-jahrig as the last of the siblings Billotte Louise on Tuesday, March 27, 1928, at night at four o’clock, both in her apartment of Hindenburg Street 22 in Aachen. Eight works 1859 bas-relief of the Aachen shrine of Karl: dream and prayer; Collapse of the walls of Pampelun; Miracle of the blossoming lances; Battle with the Navarrern and Saracens; Karl d. gr. mourned the dead from the battle of the Saracens; Charles d.Gr and Fe; Charles d.Gr and the miracle of the Crown of thorns; Karl d.

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