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Buying a car, any content owner, no doubt, hoped that the iron horse will be his faithful and strong helper in the best case, to select the next. That is, in fact, familiar to us – at least a decade. But it happens that the heart of the steel horse, his engine fails in the current situation where over a shorter period of time. This is understandable, because most import manufacturers are doing the calculation on demand service, greatly differing from those in which the car can get on our highways. In addition, states differ greatly in the quality of the fuel, which can lead to failure.

In different positions the engine, of course, actually go bust, and probably eliminate the mystery of "malaise" motor. But there are also cases more sad: when you change your motor. As an immediate change is an opportunity to consider or engines used in Japan, or new engines but with much longer waiting period of delivery of ordered new engine. And, of course, for much more than a lot of money. Sometimes you can apply to the realtor, if you bought the car in the showroom – and demand replacement under warranty. Of course, if you do all the requirements of this interaction: filled exclusively by the appropriate level of quality petrol (to be shown on the expertise of the engine and fuel system), when put could pass the inspections at the technical autofocus and so on. If at least one of the number of claims was not met, a change of the motor in terms guarantees the conversation will not go into state. Clearly, the optimal solution – is the acquisition of the engine, they say, mother, I mean, for the same model that you already have there.

That is, for the Toyota you want to pick up the contract engines Toyota, for Honda – Honda and so on. This greatly extends the operation of the engine can make it more efficient. It is only necessary to take into account several valuable details. First of all, if you decide to stop the choice on contract engine, carefully approach the problem of selecting a supplier. Be sure to talk with those who have already acquired a similar product from this firm. Since in this enterprise also has businesses that are strive to earn not entirely legal. In the first place, picking up Nissan engines used, try to pay special attention to the cost. And if you check undervalued, well below the market average, be prepared for the fact that the engine can be disposable. Since in this case is no doubt that the machine with which it was removed, or "drowned", or visited in a very severe accident. In general, choosing a second-hand engines, always be careful and cautious. Save wisely.

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