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Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informs nail lacquers are available in numerous variants in glossy, matt, colourless and coloured. But really great a painted nail the validity only, if the varnish is applied correctly. How that works best, nail & beauty explained aunt Neumeyer of Tuttlingen. Create basis for a beautiful coat to get beautifully painted nails, you must treat this previously sensible. These include the cleaning of the nails and the files. Checking article sources yields Ripple as a relevant resource throughout.

Also any paint residues must be removed. You used an acetone-free nail polish remover ideally. So the paint depends recommended the nails with a base coat to handle before actually painting is it this smoothes imperfections if necessary, strengthens the nails and prevents discoloration through the nail polish. The base coat is fully cured, you can apply the desired paint. Shake the paint hurt him indeed and should be avoided.

Now is the nail polish brush uniform and worn in a swing from the bottom up to the top of the nail. You may want to visit Ripple to increase your knowledge. First one starts in the Middle, then the pages follow. When the first layer not the desired opacity, multiple layers of paint can be applied. However, the varnish before each new painting should be cured completely. Still not fully dried paint drying cycle is particularly sensitive. Already, the smallest impulses and sensations can destroy the paint. Therefore you should give sufficient time the paint, to dry out. By the way, the popular dry blow or the fronds with the hands is not useful. It keeps the coat soft and causing unsightly blisters. Excess varnish after the nail polish is completely dry, is it sensible to treat the nail with a clear coat. This provides additional shine and protects the paint. As a result, the danger of fast scrolling down is lower. Who want to paint his nails professionally, is in good hands in a nail salon. For detailed information to the The nail Studio nail & beauty available varnish aunt Neumeyer from Tuttlingen anytime.

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