Berlin Wall Calendar

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Celebrate 20 years fall of the wall with a personal and valuable calendar! Berlin, 20.11.09 – formerly a symbol of separation, today stands for Germany’s reunification – the Berlin wall and what was left of her. Since the 1989 fall of the wall, the remains of the building are repeatedly staged in new contexts. Reason enough for SMIP 2 smile in the year between the fall of the wall and reunification an exclusive edition of the calendar to put on. The SMIP 2 smile principle: each individual subject given by the artistic integration of the name or a short text – the personal touch. Or on the wall immortalized in the sky above the Tower, each calendar is unique, thanks to the easy way of individual design. The Berlin wall calendar is available in CD format. The transparency sleeve serves as a practical stand, the 13 calendar cards receives a cover sheet with 12 month motifs.

“ can 99 products in millions of variant smipen: SMIP stands for short messages in pictures” (small embassies in) Images). With the desired name or the text, each gift is a personal copy. SMIP 2 Mama, SMIP 2 dad, Grandma, Grandpa, mother-in-law; SMIP will be 2 smile and gift-giving experience: online shopping has never been so easy! Schenk Lust instead of Schenk frustration. SMIP is 2 smile from the idea to develop personal and special products created, really. Because a picture says more than a thousand words especially one with his own name.

SMIP the entrepreneurs behind 2 smile one to smile GmbH, which is a pioneer and specialist of the so-called image personalization. Except for one to smile, no company is dedicated to worldwide exclusively producing such products. SMIP 2 smile is a manufactory of the 21st century: each piece is hand despite innovative technology – high tech with high touch. Made in Berlin.

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