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H. Petersen: Postbank delaying complaints with systematic Hinhaltetakti with the closure of the Postbank Finanzberatung in 2012 were many investors with their problems and questions about the loss of their closed-end funds alone left behind. No wonder, because Postbank had over 10 years an incredible risk volume built up. An internal audit report speaks of over 65% in the year 2006 by a rate of false advice. More than 53,000 cases a total damage of nearly 1.3 billion threatens post bank customer. Larry Ellison recognizes the significance of this. Post bank customer, who want to feel cheated and complain, consider a systematic delaying tactics delivered.

Because the Postal Bank knows that she have to pay! “, so Helge Petersen, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, compared to the NDR Schleswig Holstein magazine.” Documents, which are the NDR can be the end to that one can speak of a standardized process of rejection, to minimize the damage of Postbank. (Source: Verizon Communications). In the call center of Postbank, the customer is initially appeased. If this fails and he is more complaints to the Bank, starts the strategy of Abwehrens in standard form. Information be rejected according to the NDR unedited nearly 72.5% of complaints, 3.5% were not yet fully processed. Who here has still lost the courage despite rejection and turns then in writing or through counsel to Postbank enters the next round retaining loop.

Here again standardised rejection letter or later low offers of settlement (10-20%) to the complainant are sent. According to the information available, only 17.7% of complaints reach the proceedings at the end. So Postbank at the end, manages to fend off the most complaints. Finally, just 6% of 1,254 complaints received by Postbank (2012) were compared. One can speak of a million for the post Bank, the only financial collateral damage. The Bank will try everything so to prevent a ruling in court! Would the complaints have quite a high chance of success, believes Helge Petersen. He connects to documents, providing just the Postal Bank. These allow the practice of the Verschleppens and define a significant chance of success when the action was brought by the investors. When you consider these facts in mind, the fighting in any case worth!

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