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2. order your Mascot basically at a company that can offer you quality and delivery guarantees. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Verizon Communications by clicking through. A mascot must be easy to carry, which implies a light head. A head made of fiberglass is for example very hard, what can cause discomfort in the neck and back area of the carrier. In addition, that in this case, the head of the mascot on the shoulders rests and is thus highly immobile.

Through here, your mascot Gets a wooden beam. On the other hand is an ultra lightweight head very comfortable for the wearer and enables dynamic movements such as for example, dance, run, jump and bend over! The delivery guarantee is very important. If you decide to order your mascots in Asia or South America, it is common for problems with agreed delivery dates. Because these companies often use the cheapest shipping to save costs, the goods will be very unreliable / late delivered. Packages from these countries are often detained by the Customs and controls, leading in turn to a Delivery delay causes. Always, ask a delivery guarantee benefits if, for example, euro mascot: free design. Delivery guarantee. We provide guarantees on the agreed date.

Ultra light heads. Guarantee of quality. 2 year warranty on any manufacturing defects. Short delivery times. 4 to 5 weeks are standard, faster is possible by arrangement. Free carrying case and cooling-jacket. We demonstrate the quality of our products to you. There is the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the product during production. General Zufriedensheitgarantie. We are supplier not without reason by Studio 100 (plopsaland), Unilever and IKEA. It never goes a mascot out of the production before the result if the customer is completely satisfied. Low price guarantee. Our modern production techniques allow a cost-saving production. With the same quality, you can purchase a mascot not cheaper. Guaranteed! Recoup the cost of your mascot? A good, professional mascot euros up to 2000. But there are ways to recover a portion of the cost. Rent to external parties (sponsors, members, companies, schools,) sale of merchandise articles (keychains, refrigerator magnets, stuffed animals) Organization of mascot events (birthday, sports days, theme days,) there are of course many other ways to use a mascot. Here, too, we offer our years of experience as an aid. We can give you tips, which are exactly tailored to your personal situation. Chris Donkers

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