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What you can expect and what all will be shown. The 11th Architecture Biennale on 14 9th, 2008 under their motto was out there architecture beyond building”celebrated. The curator asked the exhibitor of the architecture Biennale to reflect their roots. 56 country contributions, which stretched to 30 pavilions, stressed the responsibility for environmental and future of architecture. The German contribution to the international architecture exhibition came from the two architect Friedrich von Borries and Matthias Bottger. They belong both to the Berlin Office “Room tactics”.

As said already the State Secretary Engelbert Lutke, also an independent Commission of experts on behalf of the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development selected the concept “Updating Germany” to the winner. True to the prevailing motto “out there: architecture beyond building” the city of Venice from September 14 is the Centre of the international architecture until November 23. The Ministry of transport, building and urban development sponsors the contribution of Germans in that year with approximately 580,000 euros. Bottger collected in the project as well as Connie in a catalogue of around 100 projects and even visions such as for example power-supplying plants, the kite sailing for container ships or even water bottles, which filled to be used with sand for the construction of the House. According to the architects, those ideas will enable a much better future. The 20 most important projects will be made available at the Biennale of the public and should stimulate thinking also the visitors of the event. This is the stated goal of the Organizer. The architecture Biennale takes place by the way every year so that you can convince himself this year by the arts of the architects. Text agency EtMa consulting

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