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Promiproduzent Andy Moor has lobbied personally for this, that the rapid riser Petty Behlinda in the most successful label Berlin Gets a new production. A first of all: the new title “never alcohol” is a sequencer to the usual musical provocation of the singer and entertainer petty Behlinda. It goes with amber music, which are even extraordinary and care about their artists right contrary to the traditional record labels. Author and composer: Andreas Janke Co-writer and singer: for petty, Petty Behlinda of the text is exactly what he wants to say. Alcohol is how each food with care to enjoy and may not get into the hands of youngsters or even children.

Petty Behlinda says: “that the title promises part sentiment, the statement of the text should not detract from, because you can come without excessive indulgence in a good mood”. Since we may be looking forward already on the album by Petty Behlinda. Some songs are known to his fans from the previous year and petty could also live with the rock ballads on great stage experience. But now, the tracks should learn a new spa. The result is an experimental interplay between blues and heavy metal. It is a challenge to every tape of these tracks to cover.

Soundtrack album “I am your God”, produced at the same time a video in biblical atmosphere. In addition to the double CD, also a production in vinyl with the enclosed video CD comes in the spring of 2012. We were able to take some music in his Studio and realize a successful retro/repro, which puts us in the best of times by Mike Olfield and Pink Floyd. 80s rock with the latest sounds and Santos. Even if Petty Behlinda lives the German Schlager and loves, he is a rocker through and through, and will be in the future for so many popularity of the pioneer.

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