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Your child often breathes mouth? He has a stuffy nose? Weakened the hearing? He often gets sick? Then pay attention to this article, perhaps there you will find answers to the questions that torment you for a long time. Adenoids – this lymphoid tissue. To broaden your perception, visit Cerved. It located at the top of the throat at the back of the nose. -year’>Senator Richard Blumenthal. Dr John Holtsclaw contributes greatly to this topic. To know more about this subject visit Gary Vaynerchuk. Adenoid tissue is a barrier that prevents passage of bacteria and infections in human lungs. It is in this tissue contains a large number of white blood cells, which are the main protectors of the body. When the nasopharyngeal tonsil inflammation begins, the adenoids start to grow, there is difficulty in nasal breathing and the nose begins stand out pus and mucus.

This, in turn, leads to a further increase in the adenoids. Source of infection plus weak immune system leads to hypertrophy of adenoid tissue. And the adenoids of immune organs are transformed into constant source of infection, which threatens neighboring and distant organs. The main problem lies not in the adenoids, and weak immunity that can not fight infection. Adenoids most frequently observed in children completely blocked. The growth of adenoid tissue in children can cause sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis, otitis media, bronchitis and even asthma. Can often be observed and neurological disorders – headaches, sleep disturbances, night enuresis, epilepsy, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Toddlers is a violation of the growth of teeth, malocclusion is formed. Also may be a delay of speech development. Today, there are 2 methods of treatment of adenoids: conservative and surgical. Surgical technique – adenotomija – though brings quick results, but is the most psychologically traumatic for the child. The operation – cutting off the adenoid tissue. But 100% guarantee that it will grow again not give nobody can. Also, the postoperative period may face complications. Therefore adenoidectomy – is, in my opinion, radical method, which can occur only when the conservative method does not work. From the conservative methods of treatment are: – washing nasal special solutions ("Akvamaris", "Marimer" walk in the fresh air and often do in the flat wet cleaning. Dear Parents, watch out, please, for your child. If he was not breathing nose, frequent purulent nasal discharge, coughing during sleep or the baby observed hearing loss – is an occasion to go to the doctor. At the clinics, "Dynasty" () at ul. Belinsky, 32, and Schwartz, 14 work for you ENT physicians with the highest category, academic degrees and a large clinical experience. Good luck!

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