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Federal Prescription

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Therefore they are documents that will be analyzed by the customs and Federal Prescription of Brazil (RFB). The error in the loaded amount is felt when o/as fiscal authorities analyze the documentation and verify that the weight of the tires in the container diverge with the declared amount. In other cases, the container goes for red canal, where customs to request to verify the load to be embarked. These corrections of documentation and when the load goes for red canal generate expenditures. In the divergence of weight and amount it is necessary to generate a new bill of landing (Bill of Lading), or until a new perhaps certifyd of origin. As table 1.3, another cost can be the manuscript and the movement of the container when it goes for the red canal.

These projected costs in years show to be sufficiently high. If to make a semester projection, considering that it has about 4 the 8 shipment errors, and 3 the 5 container in red canal and the 5 6 emissions of certifyd of origin. The cost is approximately of R$ 67,686, 00. We must consider that this cost is illustrative, can in such a way be pra more how much pra less. As solution for this onerous problem, we suggest an investment in technology. They exist currently, readers in bar codes that enter part for part in the shipment.

This technique will diminish the divergences and consequentemente it will reduce the expenditures with documentation emission. 6.1 Logistic enterprise logistic EmpresarialA studies as the administration can better provide the level with yield in the services of distribution to the customers and consumers, through effective planning, organization and controls for activities of movement and storage that they aim at to facilitate the flow of products. It deals with all the activities of movement and storage, that facilitate the flow of products since the point of acquisition of the raw material until the point of final consumption, as well as of the flows of information that they place the products in movement, with the intention providing levels of adequate services to the customers to a reasonable cost.


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What means a cultural aggression, is the imposition of a strange religion, or the paper through it’s genuine and peculiar values of a people. In that regard, a mission would not be saving, as it would destroy most autochthonous values of a people. Preventing you to remain what is. But a mission that brings a village to be integrated into their own culture, is not in fashion any oppressive or alienating. The Gospel is not a culture that desarraigue necessarily to any other underlying.

It is a religious message that can live and has lived in fact in the different culture in time and space. Also from the cultural point of view against the mission difficulty arises from what is called religious freedom. It is said that each people can believe as they want and can worship God according to their rites and traditions. But the religious Indifferentism is something completely different, and that has always been rejected by the Church. The indifference or reduces religion to pure consciousness, without a dimension field real which corresponds, and then everything depends on the option which is done internally, or assumes that religion is a matter of feelings and in which nothing has to intervene the notion of truth. Then becomes a matter of spiritual taste, in which each one can choose what you like, such as when choosing between different colors or flavors. Practical difficulties: is usually frequently allege that missionaries mean poor administration of the forces of the Church. Because having so much to do in the so-called Catholic countries, many forces by sending missionaries to distant regions and where you can just get the corresponding fruits are wasted.

It is not a bad tactic, said leaving the terrain to conquer middle and venturing into very risky enterprises and whose result is ordinary little fruitful? Such a way of thinking, intends to concentrate all forces on Catholic places without universal spirit. With this approach the early Christians would still locked in Jerusalem trying to convert to the Jews. At the same time we cannot forget that Jesus sent his Apostles to go all over the world. Conclusion: We should not forget that we live today in a world that despite his indifference and utilitarianism, proclaims incessantly new ideas, theologies and doctrines of life with an irresistible passion. Consider the real indoctrination of many thousands of young people with revolutionary ideologies. It is not a kind of rivalry between ideologies or propaganda fight. We must have a joy of our faith and feel the need to communicate it by ourselves or others as the Gospel prescribes.

Store Summer Coat

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You say, “Oh, how I love my coat.” But is this true? Coat must not only wear, but also to care for her. The fur is generally very demanding of himself. He does not like hot weather, the sun too … and so on, but more on that later. Any fur stuff you need properly stored. Here you can brag that you know how to properly store your favorite coat? It often happens that with the coming of spring and the first drops, we hang his favorite coat in the closet, naively believing that it did not happen. But then, taking his coat from the closet, it can not find: matted fur, there was a strange smell, and perhaps in some places, it ate a mole.

And then we run into a panic in the very first studio to repair clothing, where we hear something like this: “We can restore the beauty of your coat, but it will be very expensive.” And we tearfully pay the money to re-wear your favorite coat. That is why things need to be fur properly stored. But a lot of it is not thinking. And to preserve the beauty of fur is very simple. Of course, fur things are best kept in a hanging position in the room where the temperature does not exceed + 10 degrees. There are even special cameras that support optimal temperature in 4 – 7 degrees, where no moth coat is not terrible. But because we have to basically keep our coats at home, then talk about it. Before you remove the coat in the closet, it must carefully examine it.

Matted to comb areas of rare comb from the tips of the pile. In the case of heavy contamination of fur, fur coat is to give a specialized dry cleaner. And only after that can hang his coat in a well ventilated, spacious, dark cupboard, away from the batteries and other heat sources. Of course, remove the cabinet can only be well-dried product. Coat to dry to a well-ventilated area, in the shade, away from heat devices. If the fur is dried quickly, it becomes brittle. From direct sunlight, light fur can also turn yellow, dark – vytsvetet. Need to hang his coat on a large, wide coat hanger with a long neck – strong and sturdy. At this coat will not lose custody of their shape. Do not spray any chemical compositions near the fur, including hair spray, insect repellent, toilet water, perfume. Absorbed into the skin after a while will be felt unpleasant odor. And alcohol contained in perfumes and toilet water – dry skin. To keep the fur the whole, be sure to put the tool rack of the moth. It can be as traditional remedies (branches of wild rosemary, orange peel, geranium), and new chemicals such as naphthalene. It really choose. And during the summer shake things fur. If you need to translate the coat, then provide her adequate ventilation. Even if you need thing to keep in your bag, make sure the cloth bags are well breathable. Never Pack your fur in plastic! That’s all you need for safe storage of fur. As you can see it’s not complicated. One last tip: at least once a year contact with professionals in specialized firms for the storage and care of fur. This will help you keep your fur things for many years. PS The article was taken from the site – studio to repair clothing.

The Relationship

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If somebody to talk high and nothing will be fact, open way so that it happens of new. if the professor to say that it goes to order somebody if this even so somebody to confuse, and making two or three times, goes to have a standard that allows the pupils to foresee what it goes to happen, and there does not go to need to order nobody even so. The important one is it here to have well clearly for itself exactly what it wants and to know that is the responsible one for making this to happen. On the other hand, it is important to preserve a good one and friendly relationship with the pupils, seno will not obtain to reach the objective. Thus, one of the initial objectives is to construct a good relationship with the group and the pupils, what it goes to allow it later calling the attention them without they find she hates that them. For this it is necessary to look the good sides of each one: one is studious, the other is cordial and respectful, all have qualities, and the professor has that to perceive them. If he will have that to make something drastic, as to order somebody even so, he must make it, without ' ' matar' ' the relationship with nobody. What it says is secondary; the way it says as it is much more significant. The paper of the professor in room is analogous to the one of a good nurse, who does not bind if the sick person is flat or not, it has a mission and needs to make what she is necessary for cumpriz it, and needs then to stand out, to ignore and to forget the things take off that it of the focus and they do not contribute for the objectives. An exercise that can be made is, being relaxed, to visualize itself seated in one of wallets, the position of pupil.

Spanish Republicans

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He attended the first studies in La Coruna and secondary education at the Institute in that city. He moved with his family to Madrid, where, at the age of fifteen, joined the Faculty of Philosophy and letters in the Central University, concluding studies in 1926. Two years later he went to Sweden as a reader of Spanish at the University of Gothenburg. And to the next course in the University of Berlin. In those years he gave lectures in various European cities. In 1931 he joined by opposition body optional archivists, librarians and archaeologists, worked in the section of books foreigners of the national library, which was designed by their knowledge of languages, since he spoke English, French, German, Italian and Swedish. He was a member of the Center for historic studies of the Junta de Ampliacion de Estudios and scientific research, taking charge of the Latin American section, whose Tierra Firme magazine, was editor in Chief. He also collaborated in major literary magazines of the time Cruz and stripe, Revista de Occidente y La Gaceta Literaria.

During the Spanish war combat in the army loyal to the legitimate Government of the Republic in which the rank of Captain, also being Commander of the international brigades. He collaborated in hour of Spain, magazine that wrote the most prestigious writers of the time. At the end of the war he exiled in France, to embark at the Sinaia. Sete to Veracruz-us account Manuel Andujar-, Sinaia, an old matalon boat transported – advanced may to 13 June 1939 – to more than 1,600 Spanish Republicans. Coming mostly from French concentration camps.

Among them, nourished and lucido beam of intellectuals, writers and artists. And on that journey was published the first newspaper – Peregrine, in strictly speaking from exile. Among those who made the Sinaia, thus called the journal of instructional and recreational purpose, highlighted, according to Andujar, illustrious historian.

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