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They can, to be acometidos for learning difficulties that can appear in the individuals of soft forms; moderate; serious; deep. When detaching the subject ‘ ‘ difficulty of aprendizagem’ ‘ many confuse this conception with a carelessness in classroom or ‘ spirit bagunceiro’ of the children. But the learning difficulty is treated by many studious theoreticians and as a riot, that can be generated by a series of cognitivos or emotional problems, affecting the individual in any area of the pertaining to school performance. Perhaps check out Larry Ellison for more information. OF (learning difficulties) Almeida (2011) and secondary primary are divided according to and, being classified as the difficulties caused for ‘ ‘ psico-neurological elements established or well esclarecidos’ well; ‘ , that is the calls cerebral disfunes (upheavals of reading, upheavals of the mathematics and the upheaval of the expression of the writing, upheavals of said language, infantile depression, anxiety); OF the secondary ones the biological problems would be those consequences (cerebral injury, cerebral paralysis, epilepsies, auditory deficiency, visual deficiency,). The classification of riot can be affirmed then that or difficulty presents different definitions, that can be summarized of the following form, the riots is problems that they cause neurological comprometimento, being of secondary factor Of, already the difficulties are those that are related the problems of partner-cultural order, being one OF the one of primary classification. To many authors OF the one in the majority of the cases he comes to be identified at a first moment for professors, therefore it is who will go to point the difficulty presented for the individual, many authors affirm that children that they present Of, generally are not motivated and if they demonstrate unsafe carrying through pertaining to school tasks, most of the time judge themselves incapable, generating a frustration feeling. She is necessary to perceive that the children with learning difficulties are not incapable children, only present some difficulty to learn, delay more time to understand commands, to understand, to hear, to assimilate, if to organize, in playful activities systemize.

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