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Volvo Car Corporation

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a miracle, but in a different way and did not speak, this car gets in the Moscow Motor Show authorized dealer for sale. My fault only, I believe the people working in the showroom, as the Volvo S80 T6 was not the first machine that I bought from them. Swarmed by offers, Tomas Philipson is currently assessing future choices. I have in mind was not that I have made a contract with a private individual, not the car dealership. And let's imagine for a moment, that, like Mr. Kinzyabyaev and "Konsaltinvest" hundreds, perhaps thousands across Russia? This is also an industrial scale! But that's not all! I received an email from Ford Motor Komnani (USA), which stated that for all production of Ford in Russia meets Russian Ford dealer, namely zao Ford Motor Company.

Based on the foregoing, I have changed the defendant's company, Ford Motor Company, but then I waited for the failure: company had sent a letter to the court that "neither the law nor the contract" is not authorized to be responsible for factory production, and is organizing a network of dealers for cars "for sale". I understand that my direct claims to the Plant of Volvo ab Personvagnar "/" Volvo Car Corporation "are unfounded, since the whole scheme of scrolls behind them. Although it can be reproached for having such a solid carmaker, failed to make its business in Russia simple and understandable, and also failed to protect the interests of its consumers. After that I went through and how many people took the time and effort? How many people or get rid of the car, or make repairs at their own account? But if Mr.