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The search and rescue dogs are best known for venting. a Those are the ones used to find victims buried by avalanches or landslides, drownings, evidence at crime scenes, etc.. Unlike tracking dogs, the vent but do not follow a track human scent looking around for what they are the best choice when you have to locate victims who may be buried anywhere in the area of a disaster. Since they do not follow a trail, dogs are not looking to vent his nose to the ground. Instead, bring the nose up and go sniffing the air. In this way fail to capture the smell emitted by people. How to vent working dogs as these dogs do not follow a specific scent, they can give false alarms to follow the scent of a person who is present in the area but not a victim.

To avoid this, the area is generally divided into grids (although this depends on the situation) and each team works in a single grid. Each team consists of the dog and guide and sometimes an assistant. Vent Dogs need to start working with the wind against them, as would otherwise be unable to perceive the smell of the victims. When it comes to search relatively large areas, the dogs start following a path perpendicular to the wind. In this way increases the probability of detecting an odor, even a little concentrated. Then, when they detected the presence of the odor, they can focus on locating the source. Of course, the way they work depends largely on the situation faced by rescue dogs and guides. For example, it may be impossible for dogs to do a course perpendicular to the wind direction in urban areas.

What tends to happen in the collapses is that dogs and guides work directly on the surface, taking advantage of the breeze to detect odors. It is thought that dogs vent located to the victims following the concentration of the odor from them. The smell would be less concentrated in places away from the victim, and go concentrated in the vicinity of the victim. Thus, rescue dogs follow a scent cone, larger and less concentrated in the far reaches of the victim and more localized and concentrated in the vicinity of the victim. Specialty Dogs Dogs vent vent can be classified into different categories according to their specialties. The main specialties of these dogs are: – Dogs of corpses. Are those that detect human remains. Serve to locate people killed in accidents or natural disasters. – Water search dogs. Dogs also are dead, as human remains and not looking for living people. However, they differ from previous ones in that they are trained to vent above the water, usually from a boat. – Urban disaster dogs. Are those dogs used to detect people trapped in collapsed buildings. Unlike the dead dogs, disaster dogs looking for living people. However, when no longer expect to find living people, are often used dogs dead to find those who could not survive the disaster. – Dogs of avalanches. The name says it all. They used dogs to search for people buried in avalanches. They are trained to find people alive, not dead. – Dogs of evidence. They are dogs trained to find human evidence at crime scenes. Rodrigo Trigosso is a biologist and dog trainer. It is also the editor of the tutorial where you can find all the information you're looking for.