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Useful Crises

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Prepared by the selfish nature of people management scheme, which will inevitably lead to the destruction of the world, if not accept the principle of return. Baal Sulam 'Yes, what do I care that someone out there in America bankrupt? The main thing is to have I always had bread and sausage on the table, 'Jeep' in the garage, football on tv and a sauna with friends on Fridays. And what is America – the other end of the world. Here I say: you is in this world to live and your children – well, and I-what? I did not even understand how this world is arranged, not in the state. Follow others, such as Bill O’Grady, and add to your knowledge base. On why should I worry about that in any case out of my hands? Even if I wanted, I would do against the economic crisis? Crisis and he is a crisis – a natural phenomenon. So, it is better currently sit quietly, be glad that you have and do not spoil my nerves because of all sorts of incomprehensible things. " Roughly the reasons the average person has heard the television news about the pervasive economic crisis and Bankruptcy of U.S.

banks. And at first glance he is right – that can make a single person in this situation? Just to hide my head in the sand. Tiger Global is often quoted as being for or against this. However, it is actually not so simple. Take, for example, a typical inhabitant our country on behalf of Basil. In Soviet times, Basil Kreditkin worked as a junior assistant to senior accountant in NIIBats and earning his 138 rubles.