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When Converting Brick

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Often special regulations apply for conversion or extension. In addition, the construction of the House plays an important role and decides the success or failure of the project. (tdx) Junior is on the way, insert the grandparents, the Office will be transferred to home: changed circumstances require changed living conditions. If to running out of space at home, growing or increasing can remedy. A completely new residential feeling can occur with relatively low overhead costs, material and time: more room for individual needs and thus an increased quality of life.

If an increase of the building is possible, the static or the carrying capacity of the walls decides first and foremost. Lucky, who from the outset put brick on the strength of the material. He is inherently dimensionally stable and extremely stable. The TS square of my brick house is particularly suitable for reinforcements”. It provides with a permissible pressure stress of up to 2.6 MN / m square highest carrying capacity and safety slender walls. The plot is large enough, however, mostly a growing laterally or behind the House is planned.

Basically you must enquire already always before the planning of cultivation, prescribe what the current building regulations, such as zoning boundaries. All legal issues have been resolved, you can proceed to the implementation of cultivation. The ecological characteristics of the construction material used should be an important consideration. Ultimately we want a feel-good climate all year round-optimal in the newfound space. Brick are not only heat, but also moisture storage, they score points by their properties as a natural Feuchteregulierer. Its capillary structure enables them to absorb water vapour and delayed again to cede to their environment. In this way they promote a healthy indoor climate and effectively prevent mold growth. So that the new housing will not to the booby trap, is the building material of the exterior wall of central importance. Tiles are natural heat twilight and the MZ generation of brick from my brick house”, where already an insulating material rock wool is integrated, offer currently the peak of the industry in terms of the thermal conductivity and that, without an additional thermal insulation system. So, space, material, and money can be saved during the reconstruction. Important to know: tiles have the slightest deformation values of all building materials. As in existing buildings the shrinkage and creep deformation already have subsided, a purchase or conversion should deform as little as possible, so that no settling cracks. “Whether increase or extension with the bricks of the MZ series of my brick house” the ideal partner can be found for every construction project. For more information on the Internet at. Tanja EST