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Adieu Proshka

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Yes, let off, swing a dead cat: extended foot-and-then! Fiction He touched her shoulder was – as she told him! He sighed again, but did not move from their seats, but in vain, and went to: Agrafena did not want to. Evsei knew this and did not hesitate. – Someone will sit in my place? – He said, with all sigh. – Soop! , She replied curtly. – Give me a god! just not Proshka.

And someone to fool with you will play? – Well, at least would Proshka, so what’s the harm? – Angrily she said. Evsei rose. – You do not play with Proshka, by golly, do not play! – He said and concern about the threat. – Who do I stop? you, whether that sort of ugly mug? – My mother, Agrippina Ivanovna! – He began imploring voice, embracing it – for waist, I would say, if she had been the slightest hint of a waist. She was responsible for hug her elbow in the chest. – My mother, Agrippina Ivanovna! – He repeated – whether Proshka love you like me? Look at what he mischief: no woman will not let pass. And I was! heigh-ho! You are with me, that blue-powder in the eye! If it were not lordly will, so … Ah! .. He cleared his throat and at the same gesture.

Modern Poetry Online – Trends And Directions

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Network poetry – a phenomenon that can not be ignored. Was it possible to suggest such a fierce craving for stihotvorchestvu from our average citizen. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gary Kelly. The mind boggles! While there was no internet (I mean availability of the latter) could not even imagine how much we have poets. At the largest server Stanza Poetry registered 220 000 contemporary poets, and placed more than 7 million pieces. Every day the server goes over 50 000 visitors. Good or bad? On the one hand just fine – what could be more valuable than human thrust to the sublime? On the other hand – how to look into this ocean of products and find what you're interested, that would be consonant with your soul? This is no easy task.

Also in the Stanza no matter what else the editorial policy, and therefore the quality of texts no one was watching, and catch the gems from the sea and just grafomanskih opus student poems becoming increasingly difficult. Because with the above reasons, quite logical next step – the modern poets, published in the verses and in the community to create their own blogs, websites, thanks to the development of the Internet is no longer a problem. At these sites there is a small poetry edition, which selects the poems and authors on the level, direction, etc. – In other words, carries an editorial policy. It is logical to assume that the this reader of poetry site easier to navigate and easier to find interesting poems of unknown poets, bude editorial policy of the site coincides with the views of readers of poetry.