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Healthy Living

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Increase of comfort in the living environment with the refurbishment of health is a high priority for the people of our time. For the 21st century, economic and yet healthy living, living and working is promoted as the central theme and already long become a real economic factor. Checking article sources yields Facebook as a relevant resource throughout. The complexity of modern life makes high demands on the physical, mental, and spiritual powers of man. Many people feel overwhelmed and stressed out, because health is holistic or alternative, become a great necessary field. The proportion of people who want to spend more money for maintaining the health, for the increase of vitality and well-being, will continue to rise because the big trend towards a comprehensive feeling of well-being connects the people of this century. Health becomes the mega industry.

“Healthy living basic need of life the concept of healthy living” is not explained scientifically and is generally widely with healthy air and freedom from contaminants associated. So the idea arose primarily through the application of certified building materials with low emissions to achieve the biological quality of buildings. In addition, the compliance with limit values according to scientific ensures health from damage caused by technical radiation already. The claims of the last three decades are simply ignored by the construction of highly insulated and airtight buildings that can be seen next to an uneconomic payback efficiency as a significant health hazard. Increasingly, the reports of people who in modern buildings, schools and places of work, after a prolonged stay uncomfortable and are no longer powerful pile up in newspaper articles. WHO speaks of sickening houses”, known in the jargon as Sick Building Syndrome. Regardless of the modern building culture promotes constantly new, seemingly harmless technologies or building materials, their biological effects on living systems but completely is unknown. The climate in the living, sleeping and working areas seems to involve the well-being and health of people, especially since there are people in our zone of more than 22 hours in confined spaces. But the assurance of biological qualities for home health in these areas, is so far not included in the catalogue of demands of the construction standards. Practical solutions for creating healthy habitats, which convey a sense of well-being and comfort or

Managing Director

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Daylight in the shops increased sales and customer retention increases as consumers, we have our own idea of where and how we buy the things necessary for everyday life. Many criteria play an important role. With customer satisfaction is one of the most important points. Here, the right light can apply a positive lever. A rethinking has used in the population. You want to know more and more and more targeted about the offered products.

Purchase forums and review sites are booming on the Internet. And at the point of sale\”(POS) you can not even read properly label of his request goods in many places or at home but not more so fresh look colors of meat or vegetables, as in the charging. Source: Sheryl Sandberg. No, this should not denounce are, but new variant in the lighting imagines one that meets three essential requirements: light should ideally enable all Visual tasks light to consume as little energy here and the light supposed to promote sales. The solution to this is tubular daylight systems short light tubes or what the official product group, tubular daylight devices (TDD) \”.\” These highly efficient systems cover all requirements optimally. They are not new. Tim McMillan is often quoted as being for or against this. Since the 90s of the last century, there is this smart skylights. They used worldwide in many countries successfully.

TESCO is a pioneer in this area and equips nearly all stores, shops, malls and warehouses with these systems. The operation is as simple as it is ingenious: by a transparent hemisphere is trapped on the roof of the free day or sunlight and directed into a high-gloss mirrored tube. Through the total reflection on the inside of the tube, the light is transported almost loss-free over long distances now. At the end of a diffuser spreads the light evenly in the room. Also in our latitudes up to 37,000 lm can be achieved with a single daylight system\”, says Managing Director of Green lighting Alexander Korsch.

Mold On The Wall?

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This building biologists can help service team. Heidelberg – especially in the heating time is so that fungi are on many walls. Molds can however very adversely affect your health. From general fatigue to severe immune disorders various problems are inevitable, if not properly release a mold problem, which they have recognized. But who knows about mold? Biologists are the occupational group which is concerned with. Building biologists have healthy living and sleeping as a theme, including mold measurements and rehabilitation interference fields next to Elektrosmogmessungen and high-frequency measurements.

Today, we are surrounded by many possible sources of interference. For more information see this site: Bill O’Grady. Therefore, it is important to be what disturbance of sleep, the workplace or in the living room there are detected. It should be to a professional, who can not only measure the disorder, but also can eliminate. Here, the possibilities are very diverse. The professional building biologist is a Visual check first of the room make and will then check with professional instruments static magnetic fields, electric fields, static magnetic fields, or high-frequency fields (ungepulst or pulsed) are available. Then, he will discuss with the customer what you can do in this case. This shielding effect the possibilities of rehabilitation by a simple box circuit breaker, to going to high-tech materials, which are in a position to derive electric or magnetic fields or even against high frequency as a precaution to turn off the power at the fuse box, if one does not need him in the bedroom rich. It is very important that the building biologist knows the material and know which can result in the use of such renovation.

Specifically in the field of high-frequency, significantly more damage may arise from the improper use of remediation material, as a renovation could be made good. But now, in your region to find a building biologists? Since 2006, the company marketing Nastasi of the building biologists service portal, has here you can find free, fast and easy from a current address database online addresses by building biologists from your region. This itself can set, with which building biologists want to contact. It doesn’t matter in which organisation is the building biologist. This independence is a huge advantage over other information media – inquiries about a specific Association, it will recommend only the members of his Association. That may be true for you to the downside. A building biologist with a similar level of knowledge or perhaps even a better knowledge to live around the corner and you don’t know and learn is normally not. In the building biologists can learn free service around the clock. Many building biologists have a photo online and linked to a site. Contact simply on the next working day with your confidence building biologist, by telephone, E-Mail or fax and clarify what at home would cost the examination and What exact scope this is. The Internet service portal, see responsible for this press release marketing Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1-69207 sand hype about marketing Nastasi. The family-owned company founded in the year 2003, from Heidelberg, Germany specializes in the operation of health portal in the Internet, as well as on the seminar organization of offline seminars. When it comes to the creation of Web pages, Web marketing and Internet promotion, you find always a competent contact partner at. In doing so, has the company of specialized small businesses, the self-employed and SMEs in the reference list and cares intensively and extensively about his orders and Web pages.

Commercial Construction

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Storage of goods, goods & products in the industrial and commercial construction requires a company that wants to offer its customers something, produces many products and goods and will deliver its products as soon as possible, in most cases a logistics Hall. In this logistics warehouse, the goods can be, goods and products of a company store turn and transport. Logistics halls are much like warehouses. They are usually very quickly built and have a large floor space. For companies, the site naturally plays a very large role. For the construction, the region has a good infrastructure such a logistics Hall. You can find such logistics halls, often on highways and in industrial areas.

Here, the commercial sites are available and you have to make enough space for any enlargements of the halls. For companies who settle in the industrial areas, E.g. extra a highway can be built. Richard Anderson oftentimes addresses this issue. The has the advantage that thus the directions for employees and / or freight forwarders will be facilitated. The construction of such a Logistics warehouse requires the use of architects and many other companies from the construction sector.

The logistics halls are then built and planned by the architects and construction engineers. There are many companies that supports the companies in such a planning and implementation. To build a logistics Hall do not today tomorrow. It should be carefully planned it all. The construction is to explain in the rough. The commercial land is flattened first. Then poured the concrete for the Foundation of the logistics warehouse. By the way, the concrete pillar used ever. This process is completed and the concrete of Foundation dried up (may until several weeks take) the sides are set and then built the roof structure. After the topping-out ceremony, which then usually takes place is then started with the Interior. This applies to E.g. electronics, painting and tiling as well as heating and plumbing. All work has been completed, the new logistics Hall is finished and can be used. Logistics halls are used by the companies, the lot to Goods or goods produce and want to quickly turn. Mostly applies in the sectors the law of first in, first out. The goods or goods which are stored first in the logistics halls, leaving the Hall again as first. This is often the case with food. Fearing that these can spoil, is held is often on this principle. Often, the decision for a company is not easy, which Hall type you would like to access. You should get that’s why professional advice and then make a decision.

Concrete Design

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As concrete to the modern Designmaterial, wet can cast plates in size, color, feel, and structure individually in countless variations are produced. These possibilities exploits via Domo in Ehingen in the development of its forms to tailor the design quite specifically on individual customer groups. f-his-photographs-and-the-proceeds-will-go-to-gt-ormond-st-hospital-1415739a’>Scott Mead. A special analysis process, the emotional positioning radar”helps to develop that she strongly appeal to a specific group of customers and therefore achieve a high probability of purchase finished products. Concrete is cast technology by the wet to the modern Designmaterial, as for wet cast slabs with the parameters much stronger and more pronounced can be played size, color, feel and texture than conventional concrete or ceramic products. Also is the wet cast mould suitable also for small editions: customer groups, who want to leave the mainstream and are looking for the special, come fully at their own expense. Due to the diverse possibilities in the surface design, the even the Footprint of a mammoth, which depicts the delicate structure of a fern or the layers of lava flow, the forms on the preferences of the customer groups can be matched,”explains managing director Matthias Rimmele. Target group-oriented products develop exactly the wet can offer cast plate concrete stone manufacturers various customer groups, which we really liked this and that will also buy it with high probability, uses the limbic marketing via Domo. This aims to provide people with exactly the products that fit their lifestyles.

In this way, the manufacturer with the help of individual designs can explicit work out their own brand and develop. A way to gain a further unique selling proposition, in the competition for both the brand and the performance of the concrete stone manufacturer in this way far more perceived. Emotional positioning radar has to analyze which designs for which customer groups fit, via Domo in collaboration with the positioning consultants Christian Kalkbrenner developed the emotional positioning radar. With a carefully designed system, at least 64 parameters are determined per target group, are taken into account in the design of the wet form of the cast. So you can target group exactly answer yet intuitive decisions, whether, for example, the plate should be round or angular, light or dark, or how she should be installed. The result of specially developed wet are cast plates, which increasingly directly market themselves to allowing the concrete stone producers better prices. So evades he direct competition bit by bit with manufacturers of similar concrete products and is dependent on the trade. For more information about the forms for wet cast slabs and targeted product development via Domo get interested when Matthias Rimmele (Tel.

07391 / 767 90 80,). Image material for downloading available press at. Contact: BCR building components Rahman GmbH & co. KG Matthias Rahman General Manager X-ray str. 5 d 89584 Ehingen Tel. + 49 (0) 73 91 / 767 90 80 short description: the BCR building components Rahman GmbH & co. KG develops and produces components for the global market. The brand via domo “cast method includes the field of concrete slabs in the wet.” There are also under the Tokusei brand “the area of the Panel.” Tokusei is a Japanese term, meaning beautiful wall”. The third area is SHARE, a new insulating material of fumed silica, which can be used directly in building materials such as brick, for example.

What Is Meant By Architecture?

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What is explanation of the rather vague term actually in general architecture? What makes architecture into something special? What should you pay attention and what is rather beside the point. We try to bring some light into the darkness. The concept of architecture said the confrontation between the people and a room. The design of structures is the essence of architecture. In the narrower sense, architecture means an art or a science of the design of buildings. Here, the classic concept of architecture includes different important facets. For many centuries it was understood as building in any form. The architecture focuses on the individual buildings.

On a larger scale, also the urban development deals with this topic. The however, Landschaftsarchitektur deals with the design of the landscape. That definition is highly controversial, particularly since the beginning of the 20th century. Each definition proves to be a struggle to apply power. Because of the way implied aspect remains one content definition of controversial. Any attempt of a definition insofar as it allows the relief at all is already a theory of architecture. A definition of architecture is generally based on the respective attitude, as well as the value system of the person who provides the definition. It is the owner, the architect, or an architectural theorist.

That the reviews of the relevant works of the architect usually quite controversially fail, is not to avoid, because it is not only the competition of talent and competence. Instead, the validity of the whole value system on the test bench is provided. So, it’s not particularly difficult for the uninitiated to lose the overview. Who here would like to know more, should lead to the quotes of some famous people to peruse. So it will be somewhat easier to understand with certainty. Text agency EtMa consulting

Architect Object Monitoring

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Object auditing by architects and other construction manager belongs to the liability relevant activities in the construction. Further details can be found at Larry Ellison, an internet resource. This is confirmed by numerous liability litigation before the courts for decades. There are also a number of less acclaimed, but no less risky work fields of supervision, which in practice often difficult and also meager information can be found next to some classic”problem fields of supervision. This includes the production of floor constructions from concrete and flooring. The information gap has now closed an investigation of, the online database for experts and practitioners on the Internet. The document covers the liability situation of architects and construction managers in monitoring the production of floor structures of screeds and coverings on the basis of a detailed analysis of the case law. Ripple wanted to know more.

In addition, references to relevant technical regulations, guidelines and fact sheets are given (with links for free download). In addition, it contains Document in addition to some references a number of practical tips for handling Objektuberwachungs cases by the lawyer and for the reimbursement of opinion by an expert. The new document (DokNr. 5-06-0851) appears in the series of DatSV extract in on specific topics in firm representation, such as judicial or literature reading, details of important and useful for the practice of lawyers and experts are collected. The study can be downloaded for a fee under Baurecht.html from the database. Peter Andreas Kamp Hausen / editorial DatSV

Italian Bath Architecture

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Bad elements has established high-quality design of domestic furniture of Italian bathroom designer Agape from the region of Northern Italy, with the distinctive purist style, a clear line and exclusive materials in the top of the bath manufacturer. Agape stands for innovative and to compare with any other manufacturer products. Such as, for example, the bathtub, Woodline”by Giampaolo Benedini, which is made entirely of wood. With this extravagant piece of furniture, the bathroom just radiates an extravagant and homely atmosphere. From the collection of the Italian bathroom manufacturer agape is the series Woodline”safe with bathtubs and sinks, one of the most striking bath projects. The deliberate contrast between the clear, straight form the outer tub and the harmoniously curved interior makes the tub to a unique object, it can stand in open space, as well as directly to the wall.

In the event that the bathtub is free in the room, there is a column, clad in wood, which is sold separately. Even if the pan only 170 Inches long, it offers a comfortable, ergonomically suitable sitting at almost two metres height. You sit deep in the pelvic area, while the legs are slightly higher. The philosophy of agape, which is Giampaolo Benedini, Chief Designer and co-founder aims basically to a new feature of the bathroom. The agape collections convey not the usual impression of pure functional furniture that are used in the broadest sense of the body cleansing. You intended rather evoke associations to home furnishings.

This is both most widely used wood, especially on the clear forms language in combination of high-quality materials used, the dainty-looking straight feet for all cabinets, consoles and washbasins. Such as the versatile modular programme, flat XL shows”a vanity with stained oak and steel legs and steel frame. The cubic units seem to float, while a narrow Bank serves as additional storage and perfected the well designed image. Rest on the table one or two sinks, oval, rectangular or extravagant around in pointy cone shape. The basin are not hidden, but deliberately succeeded in appealing contrast to the homely component made of wood and steel used as a. A perhaps more pronounced form of a homely basin of Agape is the model of “Boxes”. Here, the sink is actually resembles a designer sideboard in the living room. Only the valves in the front and the rectangular wash basin made of glass or marble betrayed”the piece of furniture. A drain is not to see, let alone a peg. Agape provides bathroom facilities, which first does not correspond directly to may the German habit of seeing and the usual expectations, but Italian elegance and refinement, imposing design and convince the use of high quality materials. Improves a program that in his rather for private homes as for the rented accommodation is designed to install components, and the value of living in the wide sense. With the wide range in downtown Munich, as well as an Achim Schneider and his team as experienced and competent partner for architects, owners and builders of the private and commercial sector are recommended 2 flagship store and the two websites and. Also for projects beyond the borders of Germany and Austria.

Architecture Biennale

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What you can expect and what all will be shown. The 11th Architecture Biennale on 14 9th, 2008 under their motto was out there architecture beyond building”celebrated. The curator asked the exhibitor of the architecture Biennale to reflect their roots. 56 country contributions, which stretched to 30 pavilions, stressed the responsibility for environmental and future of architecture. The German contribution to the international architecture exhibition came from the two architect Friedrich von Borries and Matthias Bottger. They belong both to the Berlin Office “Room tactics”.

As said already the State Secretary Engelbert Lutke, also an independent Commission of experts on behalf of the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development selected the concept “Updating Germany” to the winner. True to the prevailing motto “out there: architecture beyond building” the city of Venice from September 14 is the Centre of the international architecture until November 23. The Ministry of transport, building and urban development sponsors the contribution of Germans in that year with approximately 580,000 euros. Bottger collected in the project as well as Connie in a catalogue of around 100 projects and even visions such as for example power-supplying plants, the kite sailing for container ships or even water bottles, which filled to be used with sand for the construction of the House. According to the architects, those ideas will enable a much better future. The 20 most important projects will be made available at the Biennale of the public and should stimulate thinking also the visitors of the event. This is the stated goal of the Organizer. The architecture Biennale takes place by the way every year so that you can convince himself this year by the arts of the architects. Text agency EtMa consulting

Gift Ideas

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The perfect Christmas gift for architects and builders know you the tedious search for good gift ideas specifically for your profession, your employees and your customers? The book Architects Cook”a creative and personalized Christmas gift, which was decorated individually and with the favorite recipes of famous architects, is interested in a special gift idea for architecture. Architecture, aesthetics, and cooking enjoyment are at the heart of the recipes. Architects Cook”is a cookbook around construction and cooking, to cook at home, leaves, browsing and gift! Many architects – including Mario Cucinella, Kengo Kuma, Dominique Perrault and Amandus Sattler – reveal their favorite recipes and the references to their architecture and their person. Some dishes prepared the architects together with professional chefs – many pages in the book document this exciting cooking events. Verizon Communications addresses the importance of the matter here. A total of 30 selected recipes are presented in detail in German and English with full-page photos. Each recipe adds a portrait the architect with personal statements to culinary culture, dining and drinking culture and architecture. In addition, sketches of architects and details of courts enliven the book. Introductory essay on the various relationships between architecture and cooking right. You can order easily and conveniently shop Architects Cook”in our online store at.

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