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Love In Large Proportions: Giperopeka

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The love of a child – it's very light feeling and its miraculous effect often helps to cope with all the difficulties encountered in the way of education. Love gives strength and endurance, helps to forgive and instills in the heart hope for the best. However, it happens and so that love is not only a source of joy and happiness, but also all sorts of grief, challenges and even conflicts. Love in the proportions in which common sense disappears, and is an excess of parental love to the child often becomes almost harmful than its weakness. This love is called giperopekoy. One of the most common forms of expression is an attempt to protect giperopeki Child of problems and worries of this life. Tiger Global may find this interesting as well. It would seem a good intention, but it leads to the most unpleasant consequences. It happens that a child in a natural burst of adult role models is attempting to do along with them that – either at home, for example, wash dishes, set the table or bring a bag from the store.

If parents do not appreciate such "care" and the baby was removed from his "too heavy for him" work (which indeed they could have done together), then the child will learn in the future that the heavy lifting usually make mom and dad, and stop to offer assistance. Huge giperopekoy is injured when the child is trying to establish his "personal" life and makes the first attempts to display independence. For example, adults do not help to do your homework and do it for a child or not allowing him to make himself a sandwich just because it may cause injury. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011. The thing is that too is a fine line between the fence of the child until it has a daunting and outright denial of its independence. Every parent should be able to feel its weight and balance of child matters, imparting to it a sense of responsibility and autonomy. Giperopeka leads to the fact that the child loses the opportunity to make their own decisions, overcome difficulties, and in difficult situations is helpless, hoping for help from adults. The most annoying thing that impacts giperopeki remain with a person for life and into adulthood, he will still be unable to without approval from Mom or Dad to overcome life's obstacles and make important decisions. Left without the support of those who so strongly took care of him as a child, a grown up child will be alone with their fears, in the confusion and disorientation. So think about the future child must be from the beginning. Love and is to supply your baby with all that will help him in his long and this hard way.

The Experiment

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The boys, along with counselors trying to creatively approach to each task and solve it on their own – this is the competitive moment in the life of any camp. This teaches children think more broadly than "Yes or No", "right or wrong." Experience. Having the opportunity every day to contemplate a lot of people who live their lives in their own way, the child has a chance to collect a large database of human relations, expressed in the experiment. Frequent topics of conversation are the issues of friendship, responsibility, love and human relationships in a general sense. And, sitting in their rooms boys perceive the world through communication, they are deprived of everyday life in the city. Foreign languages. If you have chosen linguistic camp, the goal of most of them is the removal of "language barrier" – a phenomenon that when a child knows and can not speak. In many schools, children learn the language well, but does not teach that to him then do it.

"Theory without practice is blind, and practice without theory is stupid" in our program, we just give the opportunity for children in an environment where not placed assessment, do not say you're wrong, to communicate in another language, to feel how it is healthy and that has absolutely nothing to fear. How we achieve this in the program will be discussed in the article "Project work in a foreign language "Thus, only a few days your child brings a huge store of knowledge, emotions, impressions and memories. Your job is to sit down and only a few hours to give it his attention, listening, it will be fastening properties point of all that he learned about this complex world. source


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In early adolescence this is happening unless every child, with many. "If a kid takes someone else's thing, then do not need to shame him. You just have to let him know what he did wrong. Quite another matter if he does a child from 7 to 12 years. It takes someone else, knowing that the bad acts. Most likely he will do it secretly, and will argue that he was not guilty.

"- Benjamin Spock. When the child "catches" the adults in the assignment of another kind, they are very upset and just have a desire to pounce on a child with reproach and shame him. That's OK, because everywhere we have been taught that stealing – this is a serious crime (commandment number 8, "Thou shalt not steal" – it should not be forgotten anyone at any age). It becomes scary when your own child steals. It is important that the child knew that his parents do not approve the appropriation of another kind, but on the other hand, do not frighten the child or pretend that you do not love him any more.

My friend was this: when she was expecting her child in the street and he did not come at the set time (which usually does not happen), she became upset. It was at that moment a police officer came and said that his son was detained. The child picked up from store shelves chocolate egg and went outside, ie, stolen. The boy was captured on security cameras and guards caught immediately store. Fortunately everything worked out just lecture: the child made it clear that he will not do. Strangely, the boy was not among bullies and his family was not poor … What does he want? The main reason for theft in any age – the unmet the need for love and affection. Other causes of individual fear, jealousy, resentment. Maybe you need to understand whether you have enough fumes approving participation in the family, if he has any friends in her no. I believe that the child should be spending money. This will help him feel "like everyone else."

Quilted Mattresses

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Quilted mattress – the best bed supplies today to help maintain health. Modern cotton mattresses are not only environmentally clean and high quality materials, but also an aesthetic, attractive appearance. Mattresses are made up of Fabric covers are uniformly filled with cotton. Vata is the best material for filling mattresses. It allows the mattress to keep the form for a long time and not dumped into lumps.

For the production of mattresses used by such cotton fabrics, like cotton, calico printed, painted, spotted, and teak. Mattresses from calico and chintz can be all sorts of bright colors, with a picture or without. Mattresses teak striped only, since this fabric is made from a severe yarn with black or colored prosnovkami that form black or color bars. These mattresses are purchasing large quantities of hospitals, military units, dormitories, large businesses, child care facilities. In order to obtain high-quality mattresses and served for a long time, manufacturers pay great attention to the filler. Manufacturers of mattresses are generally made themselves from cotton waste hlopkopererabotki. The quality of wool has a direct impact on quality mattresses.

The main characteristics of the filler – this is an elastic structure of wool, natural moisture content, density, and debris no more than 4%. Modern production technology for cotton mattress filler allows production of cotton, with equal proportions of short and long fibers, which provides good elasticity and softness of the filler. As well as high natural moisture content of cotton. Mattress filled with high-quality is light and soft. These mattresses are not only durable, comfortable, and good for you spine. Manufacturer of bedding made today and cheaper cotton mattresses, major filler which is a regenerated fiber. These mattresses have one advantage – low price. The quality of these mattresses is low. Mattresses from recovered fiber will last long. The reason is as filler. Regenerated fiber in service quickly collapses and forms clumps inside the cover.