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Valuable Things

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The meaning of the utility is quite relative. Something that sometimes can serve us, in other circumstances is totally useless. We are always on the hunt for everything what may constitute some interesting resource, some valuable idea that we take forward. We live in a very practical world that has led to the confusion. Many have come to think in the wrong way. It seems that only things are that demonstrate its immediate usefulness which saved some value. But this is precisely where is the big mistake. You forget often to what now are not as useful, in the future we will have to dust it off and resume it.

It has happened many times in history. Possibly also happened in your life. You’ve had to retrace your own steps and return to doing what you thought was not was useless. Eventually you find that what seemed lost time represents the only chance of reaching your goals. However, all that pragmatism is only a small part of the issue. And we have not mentioned the fundamental cause that makes many people become unhappy when they have everything they need to live in full self-realization. It is that it completely confuse the meanings of useful and valuable.

They come to believe seriously that it has value only what they reported any practical utility. Amazingly, they forget that the vast majority of the things that are valuable to us do not serve for nothing. Yes, worth repeating it: most of the things that are valuable to us don’t serve for anything. We have tried to educate the mistake of discarding everything that does not meet a tangible role. But that brings us to the sad situation of detach ourselves from our essence as human beings. Us disabled to enjoy the bliss that only spirituality can give.