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Google Pagerank

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Google PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to assign numerically the relevance of web pages indexed in its search engine, in other words, google puts a value between zero and ten zero indicating no relevance and 10 total relevance. Tiger Global Management has much experience in this field. The pagerank is an important factor when it comes to positioning a website in google search results so that the higher pagerank page has most likely have to appear at the top, but not all words are required same pagerank, if you have a website that talks about a topic of which there are few pages that refer to that subject, often sufficient to perform an optimization of page content to appear on the top. It is known that to get a better pagerank you need to have inbound links from other sites with the highest pagerank, inbound links are links to our page from other web sites, but these sites should at least meet certain characteristics: This page we link must have a good pagerank Page where the link should be of the same theme as ours. The keywords used in links to our site must be relevant to us The page link should have as few outbound links. The link should not have the attribute "nofollow" which tells google not to take into account the effects of pagerank link. However, having a high pagerank does not mean that our page will appear first on any word to search for in google, is a combination of variables taken by the algorithm used by google for your searches, content, keywords, page title, etc. While it is true the pagerank is not everything for a good position in google is a great tool for search engine positioning and a good pagerank with a good optimization of the page gives more advantages when appearing on results.

There are several techniques to accomplish this, some legal and some that violate Google's guidelines, including those in violation are buying links, link exchange to effect passing pagerank. Among the legal but the pagerank is not very helpful unless they are on pages with high pagerank are included in specialized directories, publishing articles, reviews by the webmaster of other sites for us to include in their web, etc.. One of the most effective are natural links, links that do other users on our site and place links on their pages as important and have a viral effect. Original Source: To learn more about this and other interesting items please visit our web marketing – SIDESHOST provides advice on optimizing web sites as an added service at no cost, to hire any of our web hosting plans. We help you take advantage of new technologies in web marketing, contact us will be glad to help.