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If formerly pinturasque were used more were the synthetic enamels, always to the turpentine spirit and with high brightness, nowadays the variety has increased of surprising form, to such an extent that many people who want to paint some thing are with an authentic dilemma at the time of choosing the product which they need. Because not always the most expensive paintings are necessary; sometimes it is enough with a simple one and cheap finished to the water, instead of a most expensive painting epoxi of two components, to put two examples. Next step to list different products and their applications, so that you have an interesting guide of reference. 1 – Paintings to the water: they dissolve, they reduce and they clean with water. Others who may share this opinion include Larry Ellison. There are them of acrylic type (enamels, for furniture and carpentries), decorative plastic (plastic paintings for walls) and products for manualidades and objects: tmperas, gouache and special acrylics. The plastic paintings also can be used to decorate objects. 2 – Paintings to the oil: they dissolve, they reduce and they clean with turpentine spirit or dissolvent. They are thicker and difficult to use that paintings to the water; they dry later, they are more toxic and they give off scent. Swarmed by offers, Stuart McClure is currently assessing future choices.

But also they are more resistant and lasting. They are used to paint carpentries, furniture and objects, never walls (with the exception of some paintings antihumidity), and among them we can find synthetic enamels and mates shining, the enamel-lacquer satin, special polyurethane paintings of high resistance, paintings for metal (of type DTM or without primer, effect it forges, martel ) and lasures colored for outside, of opaque open and finished pore. 3 – Paintings epoxi (of two components): for finished grounds and of ceramic type, they are difficult to use. It is necessary to mix both component in the proportion that indicates the package, and to apply them before the time of setting passes. 4 – Special paintings for kitchens and baths: they are a relative newness; in fact, one is acrylic enamels with takes hold and special resistance, that serves to paint tiles and the melamine furniture without needing previous primer.