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For example, is more easy to receive data if one is interested and motivated, and if the receiving process is compatible with brain functions. After having received the information in an efficient manner, is more easy to retain it and analyze it. Conversely, efficient retention and analysis will increase our capacity to receive information.Similarly, analysis that covers a complex arrangement of information nonprocurement tasks, requires ability to retain (remember and associate) that which has been received. Is obvious that the quality of analysis is vera affected by our capacity to receive and retain the information.These three functions converge in the fourth that is broadcast or expression either by the mental map, speech, gesture or other resource, one that has been received, retained and analyzed.The fifth category of control refers to the general activity of the brain by which this constitutes deserter from all our functions, mental and physical, including general health, attitude and environmental conditions. This category is of particular importance because a mind and a body healthy are essential so that the other four work receive, retain, analyze and issue to operate in the fullness of their potential components of emotional intelligence. (1) Know emotions: self awareness (recognizing a feeling While occurs) is the key to emotional intelligence. Greater certainty with respect to our emotions is a good guide for vital elections, since married to choose between a job or another. (2) Manage emotions: based on the previous capacity.

People who know how to be calm and get rid of excessive anxiety, irritation, or melancholy recover more quickly from the setbacks of life. (3) Self-motivation: People who know how to control impulsivity and wait to get your reward meet their objectives and are happy with their achievements. (4) Empathy: The ability to recognize the emotions of others, knowing that they want and need is the fundamental ability to establish relationships social and personal ties.