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French Age

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The patient's social relationships were limited to a few friends from school and the district to which he had no home to avoid creating problems. But whose activities were always on the verge of illegality or endangering the physical, with several crashes under his belt. At present, the circle friends is changing to not discover his eccentricities, has two childhood friends, one of which is already losing touch with him for his alleged adherence to my friend. When a teenager and after notice by the father to his son, who hanged himself at home, he being the first to find it. From this emerged his compulsive acts that were more and persist today to the point that their rituals will occupy more than six hours a day. He began knocking on doors three times before leaving home or before entering.

Has delusions as his father in a dream they sat on the bed and a great need to do things quickly Muya. Also hear noises that cause pain. Their relationships none has surpassed the 2-year tenure until his first marriage lasted 14 years. Your job security was intense, had set up a joint cooperative system and then I think several companies and real estate finance in which continuous, its goal was to become the owner of a building Madrid and not deprived of any whim. His wife asked to see a specialist when he was 34 years and their rituals and impulsivity for cleanliness, order and control of all family members and members of his company were already desperate, besides being cocaine for a long time since the 29 years – even a year before leaving the house took the drug occasionally. No treading white stripes of zebra crossings, traffic lights before crossing all numbered license plates that were unemployed and had no additive if an odd number not crossed the point that one day the police called his home to go to pick it up because someone had been stopped at a Genoa street light over an hour and a half without crossing, chose a word that he had said or would have thought that and repeated an odd number that started in March and had no end, if he could not repeat them again we made it to us with tricks like asking in different ways obsession was for fun, would have none of disease, the kit was full of next-generation drugs in case, all clothing sprayed with bactericides, compulsive shopping, had an excessive preoccupation with physical appearance, even the members of family, is in charge of buying the clothes of all this adulation, needed permanently, this was one of his relievers, other infidelities and feel recognized.

Just felt relief when their purpose could come up and then began another ritual. Never accepted his illness, were just bizarre hobbies and whether he showed quite annoyed hostility and mistrust. Did not get the title of Business in the absence of the English class who never showed up. His work is related to the world of finance and investment and results in a high stress level. a double their relationship produced a son who is 7 years and that after the initial joy caused him much anxiety and fear. Pora subject to taxation treatment of his wife breaks the relationship because it starts a new one. Today, 43, left the psychotherapy and never medicated. Psychologists ANALYSIS Vertices Director Executive MBA Degree in Psychology Masters in Psychodrama Bilingual in English and French Age 39 years of collegiate Nu M-22 453