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Game from the studio Metro 2033 4A Games, most of the best developments – Action Ukrainian studio. This is another highlight of which saw overseas. World edition game itself will THQ. The grandiose project was nearing completion, so say developers and we can finally enjoy this game. At first glance, Metro 2033 is somewhat similar to the already known around the world playing STALKER. The only thing that can unite these games is that they are very atmospheric and stylish. In Metro 2033 story repeats the book is very well-known author Dmitry Glukhovski. In the near future, our planet has survived a nuclear holocaust, those Muscovites who miraculously survived took refuge in the Moscow subway.

Tom, the hero of the game, the whole spent their lives here since then, as he can remember. He just realizes what joy people felt before on Earth. To all the survivors to warn of impending trouble, Artem sent to the center of the subway. Further the journey begins almost like a book. Writers in general have worked carefully with the original, far away from him without giving up. There are some similar points, events, and a hero, but also have enough freedom. But about the final What will it be, is not known. Should always be a surprise.

In the game there is no freedom of choice and variety of role-playing elements, Metro 2033 – is a linear shooter. You will not find a workaround and will not be able to solve problems – all in advance foregone conclusion. So that you can visit the plot location. The game is not built nearly all the atmosphere and history. This will probably trump the project. A lot of spectacular scenes, attack monsters, intimate conversations with friends and many different and interesting events. From the words of the authors, decoration of each station is made in the original native style, and will always play a scene completely changed – you have to leave the chase and take part in missions where you have quiet time to neutralize. On the surface, which was destroyed a nuclear catastrophe, will also be some missions. The developers propose a standard set of weapons, a pistol, pneumatics, shotgun, crossbow and of course to a subway without guns. In Metro 2033 very nice picture. It seems very boring under the ground and all uniform, but from first impressions it seems that the authors have dealt with this problem. The world around you is very interesting, rich with many different parts.