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Audio mixing consoles or mixers are electronic devices that allow to operate independently on a range of input signals to generate different output signals, each of which is an amount, in different proportions, of the input signals. There are basically three types of mixers, analog (inputs, outputs and processing are analog), digital (processing is digital) and virtual (consist of computer more specific software). Features to compare mixers to select the model best suited to our needs we must take into account factors such as performance, intended use, construction, quality components, robustness, finish, instruments of measurement, fidelity or audio quality. In the operation of mixers distinguish three sections: inputs: mixers can have different input signals, analog or digital, from emitting audio elements such as line inputs, synthesizers, samplers, CD/DVD players, players of tapes, microphones or turntable for vinyl records, each one constituting a channel or track. Processing: mixers enable process and treat each input signal regardless of the others, being habitual processes amplify, equalize, effects, Pan and balance. Outputs: mixing the input signals in different proportions you will obtain different signal output, which you can steer towards emitting equipment or recording. Mixers have at least two exits, main left (L) and main right (R), renaming the rest auxiliary outputs.

Types there are basically three types of mixers: analog: in this type of tables of mixtures all inputs and outputs are analog, as well as the treatment of signals. Digital: inputs and outputs can be analog or digital, but the signal processing is digital. Virtual: they consist a computer together with specific software to record and process audio. Applications exist different configurations of mixers depending on the intended use: tables of emission or split: are the most common in radio and television studios. Study tables or in-line: used in recording studios and are multitrack, as is required per channel output. Tables of monitors or scenario: at concerts are generally used two mixing consoles, a PA (Public Adress) to mix sound public-oriented and other monitors to send signals to the speakers on the stage oriented performers.

Portable tables: are easily transportable, reduced size and weight. There is a wide range, such as microphone tables (used for sports broadcasts), DJ (employed in bars and discos) tables or emission for outdoor tables (used in press conferences, events or concerts). Powered tables: include an amplifier inside. Although its quality level is usually not very high, and they are not very versatile are very comfortable because they are integrated into a single device everything necessary for the voicing.