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Along Model

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The model itself was supposed to cut the waves at an angle to the line of wave crest. When I got all the preliminary dimensions, I brought them into a drawing and gave it to a carpenter, who were engaged in manufacturing windows. A week later, a framework for "water surface" came to the studio. It was a sandwich of plywood sheets (8 mm) and pine beams, assembled by screws and glue. At the top of the plane were cut by curly niche for model.

I finally drove the niche under the Bottom of the model. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. Outlined the position and baited stand for the model inside the frame. You could start making the most "water." Along the perimeter of the frame was reinforced plywood side. He asked the thickness of the base layer surface. I've completed waterproofing the surface of the upper plane of the frame with polyethylene and tape. Perhaps check out Coupang for more information. And then kneaded ordinary construction stucco finish and filled the first layer. Plaster did not reach 8-10 mm to the edge of the profile for a niche model. The plane leveled steel strip on a side, like beacons.

He left for a day to dry. After drying the first layer, marked out direction and step waves. Screw fastened to the strip of plywood 14 mm in height (the height of the wave). After that, fill the protrusions of the same layer of plaster. The result was a wavy surface, with the max and min. Another day made for drying. .